Quickie #3 Montrail

I’ve had some of the new Montrail models on test for a few months, the Streaks and the Hardrock Mids becoming fvaoutites and often first choices for trips.
But, there’s been another large revamp of the range, some have been cut altogether and others altered quite drastically.
Above we have the Hardrock Mid ’09, which is completely different to last years model in every way. I’ve been really happy with the old ones, they’re stayed waterproof, they’re grippy and very comfortable, so I hope this isn’t distaster that’s been delivered in a brown box.
I’ll be back with news of these and other new models.

7 thoughts on “Quickie #3 Montrail”

  1. Any news on whether they’ve done anything much to the Streaks? Just found a pair and the grip on rock (ok dry gritstone!) seems really rather impressive.

  2. The Streaks are the same as far as I know, which is good as I reckon they got them spot on.
    The others that should be on their way are the Mountain Masochists and Hardrock Lows. The Masochists look good :o)

  3. Good to see that some Montrails come in UK size 14’s ( an alterantive to Inov8 Terrocs at last). I wonder if has anything to do with the take over by Columbia, who have traditionally catered for the larger-footed gentleman.

    I also wonder if any Montrail know-how goes into Columbia? These lined-mid thingys look interesting for winter, but I’m not sure how light/grippy/durable they are.


  4. Those Columbia’s do look pretty neat right enough.
    I reckon the quality is the same as Montrail, indeed since the Columbia takeover, Montrails build quality has improved.
    But Montrail have always been ahead design-wise, so when Columbia got their hands on the blueprints so to speak maybe it gave them a nudge?

  5. Any idea what the equivalent of Continental Divides is in the 09 range, mine are starting to wear. Had them on all weekend on various wee treks with the family and they are brilliant. Will be sad if there is nothing like them..

  6. Good point, no Divides of any sort in the range.
    I’ll see how my Conti’s and old Leonas compare against the Masochists when they appear.
    But, I fear there’s nothing quite in the same area…

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