Quickie #1 Smartwool

Smartwool are making inroads back into the UK with some proper organisation after a bit of an absence following a change of ownership and some consequent distribution ball-dropping.
I’ve used their base layer tops and bottoms for many years and always had happy time in them, so it’s good to see some choice coming back into the bricks and mortar stores.
I’ve got some PHD socks and an NTS crew neck on test. Initial results are good, but I’ll be back with more.

11 thoughts on “Quickie #1 Smartwool”

  1. Excellent – their socks are the best things going as far as I’m concerned.

    Their boxer shorts are great… until you stick your thumb through them.

    I was in a hurry. Enough said…

  2. The boxers have changed. Shorter legs and a regular fly now.
    The old letterbox opening must’ve been causing confusion!

  3. I tried a pair of their socks,wearing through on parts after not much use,i do have funny sticky out bits though :( Best socks i’ve found for me are a merino coolmax mix from peter storm of all brands, they just work for me.

  4. Socks are so vital, and so easy to get wrong.
    I And so bloody expensive these days!
    I like Coolmax socks, pure merino I’ve always been on the fence about, but these Smartwools feel like a good sock for trail shoes hiking, and I used my Chocolate Fish biking socks yesterday for the first time since before winter and I was very happy indeed.
    So maybe merino socks will work better for me these days?

  5. Tell ’em to get their Microweight long-sleeve zip necks over here! They’re fab but it took me over 6 months to source them from the US at anything like a decent price.

  6. Their boxer shorts are great… until you stick your thumb through them. …… WTF!!?

    “Tell ‘em to get their Microweight long-sleeve zip necks over here!” here here, tell them to send too many aswell so they end up cheap again in TK Maxx!

  7. Aye, by the time I got there is was XXL and XS last time.

    The word is that the gear will be more findable through this year. I had the NTS top layer with my Chocolate Fish TeMata midlayer for the trip this week and my fears about double merino being too damp and slow drying for camping were unfounded.
    I now need a merino technical hoody.

  8. You should try and get Backpackinglight.com’s Beartooth Hoody in for test.

    By the way, several trips in a Lesswet merino/polyseter top bought at the Outdoors Show suggest this is a contender for a merino mix at a good price and with more features than a Sportwool top from the usual suspects.

  9. Nice kit though, I remember seeing it when it came out. Icebreaker do a similar thing, but it’s sarcastically short on the body.

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