Quick Fix

I had in mind the wee sign on the cake from last week when we went into the same services for a cuppa on Monday. Imagine my disappointment when the wee sign had been changed for a regular one with the real words on it.
I asked the lassie why they’d changed it, and apparently there had been some sort of run-in with head office over the past few days because the “Hinger” sign had attracted unwanted attention. Hmmm…

4 thoughts on “Quick Fix”

  1. How disappointing. But I spose you could always point out that ‘Lemon and Ginger cake’ rolls off the tongue rather better than ‘Ginger and Lemon cake’ and see how they feel about that.

  2. could have been worse, could have missed G the other way on the keyboard and got finger, or binger, or minger …

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