Pursuit Mode

I may have to move my 30 year old porch door eighteen inches to get a retrospective building warrant. This will get the porch above board for future reference,  and make actually getting in the door a lot easier, so it’s not actually a bad thing.

Great timing though. What with the baby overdue, moving house, indebted customers hiding from me etc I’m glad I have something to take my mind off it all.

4 thoughts on “Pursuit Mode”

  1. Motherpusbucket.

    What a total nightmare. I know – since you said “I may have to – let’s just say don’t?

    So, good. I’m glad you don’t have to move your porch after all.

    Does that work?

  2. As it is you have to stand one step down to unlock the door. With a mortice, a Yale and a handle to negotiate it’s a pain in the arse.
    If I move the door in a bit all the machanics can be conquered with ease.

    So, I’ll get round to it. It gives me a chance to screw around with the council as well which is always nice.

  3. Strips of flypaper hanging from the lintel?
    Barbed wire curtains?

    No, electrified barbed wire curtains and a “Welcome” sign.

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