Punk’s not dead

I’m glad that’s over. The “holidays” were just awful, eveyone was ill, we spent more time at the doctors/health centre/hospital than in front of the telly. However, it has all helped me lose a stone which is nice.
I’ll go and see some customers tomorrow, switch my mobile on, make some calls, avoid some messages, formulate some excuses. Hopefully get enough sleep to cope with all that with a reasonable level of cheerfulness too.
There were mice as well you see: loud, evil, nocturnal, hairy, twitchy-nosed bastards. With a fever at 5am I found myself in the attic with headtorch and ice axe on several nights in a row trying to do something before they actually found a way in rather than scratching at the inside edges of the hall cupboard which they could access from the attic. I found their route, I plotted it and returned in daylight hours with the spring loaded means of our deliverance from furry purgatory.
Last night I read a book to 5am (finally got Ice Station Zebra: brilliant it is too), expecting the worst, but this time I was in total silence. I don’t know if I’ve just taken out the first wave of a comprehensive offensive or if it was a maverick group of freelance gnawers trying their luck and there are no reinforcements coming. We’ll see over the next few days. I was surprised how unreasonably psychotic mice encroaching on my family’s hygiene made me.

You know I’m always banging on about Karrimor one way or another, well Karrimor Japan does its own thing, a whole range of packs and clothing to delight the colour palette of any playgroup, nursery or fortysomething Scotsman. They should bring the whole range over here, especially this Ridge SL25 Limited Edition.

13 thoughts on “Punk’s not dead”

  1. I remember when mouse trap was just an xmas board game pal, lol. Sorry to hear you were all ailing a lot of people i know have had a bad time too due to winter lurgy going about and ruining their xmas. Still if your all well now time to start enjoying the new year with numerous new endeavours.

  2. Karrimor Japan have an interesting website – very strange mix of English and Japanese, I assume most can read English?!

    Sorry to hear you were ill, my wife has been sick with flu the whole of Xmas and NY, not nice when 5 months pregnant.

  3. It does seem like everyone has had some bug or other, it’s just rubbish. I’m hoping for happier days coming along any time now.
    I feel for your misses trumplesneaker, that must be horrendous, I hope she gets better soon.

    Some of the clothing is crazy on the K Japan site, I love it. I wonder if the English content reinforces the “British Mountain Company” tag that they cling on to?

  4. It’s a real pain getting ill over the festive period – it happened to us last year… the snow was better then too :(

    Hope you’re back up those hills before long.

  5. The weather out there has reflected the misery within!

    I’ll need to get out, I’ve got Trail stuff to do, oh it’s going to be difficult finding the energy and the motivation.

  6. Pete, I came down with the bug as well. No chance to try out Christmas goodies and I am back to work now :(
    I like that backpack – looks like an explosion in a paint factory !

    Got the Snow walker ice axe. Let you know how I get on with it.

  7. Ill over christmas and new year is pants! Hope you’re all done and dusted with it now.

    Only time I’ve ever had real flu was over the millenium celebrations, everyone else was having fun and I was crashed on the sofa or bed for 2weeks. Then it was back to work. Bah humbug. Lets move christmas to the summer…. :)

  8. And I thought that myself, wife, Max 3, and Eva 1 were the only family of sickies to traverse the ENTIRE holiday season on flu duty. At least I bagged a Haglofs LIM 35 from Santapants…if I only had the strength to carry it.

  9. What a bunch we are!

    It was nice to see folk today, it bit of a shock to the system being out and driving and talking etc But, it’s definitely the way to go.

    Snowwalker and LIM35? No Christmas disappointments there :o)

  10. I got a Black Diamond Deploy 3 shovel… and some snow to use it on that morning! Woo hoo!

    It’s been ghastly round here too, so I’m hoping you all feel a lot better soon. Was gonna head to Wales this weekend but after feeling rough and working all week (since Mon 8am), I’m thinking a rest is in order :-(

  11. Snow shovel alright!

    I have a combination of frost-nipped nose, lips and fingertips and I’ve had the best day in a couple of weeks :o)

  12. Have you tried ‘Bear Island’ yet? It’s one of my favourite Maclean’s, a real good whodunnit with plenty of murders to sort out.

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