I know this probably old news by now, but everytime I see this trailer I giggle, jump up and down in my seat and clap my hands. It’s Ridley Scott’s prequel to Alien, out in a few months.
It looks right, oh, I really hope it is.

5 thoughts on “Prometheus”

  1. He’d better not fuck this up. ‘scuse the French.

    Trailer looks great. But it has a LOT to live up to and his recent form is not particularly good. Still, I’m hopeful…

  2. He has been patchy in recent years. At least he hasn’t shoehorned Russell Crowe into it.

    Can’t wait.

    John Carter of Mars is another I’ll take personally if they’ve dropped the ball.

  3. Oooooh I didn’t even know about this. Looks like it should be epic. What Vorlich said! He’d better not!! It’s beenbeen a while since I saw the original Alien films. I feel a movie night coming on…

  4. Aye, if it captures some of the atmosphere of Alien, it’ll be a winner. Rumour has it THE Alien(s) won’t be making an appearance, but that’s probably a good thing.
    I suspect we’ve seen the best of Sir Ridley of Scott, his recent record is patchy at best. Black Hawk Down was alright, but American Gangster bored me to tears. I’ll be very happy if I’m proved wrong..

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