A spoiler of sorts?

Anyway, Holly said “Dad look, the crocodile is eating the spider crab, and it’s a ghost!!”

6 thoughts on “Prometheus”

  1. –Anyway, Holly said “Dad look, the crocodile is eating the spider crab, and it’s a ghost!!”–
    Yep, that’s the plot alright. It’s quite an enjoyable film if you’re prepared to leave your brain at the door, in the box provided…mwah ha ha!!

  2. I enjoyed it, the 3D took a bit of getting used to though (I don’t get out much).
    I like they way they kinda resolved and killed the link to the original Alien as well.

  3. I had a wee smile to myself on the way it ended, the doors definately open for a sequel.
    That’s lassies a trooper though, major operation and then running about like a daftie, who’d have thought.
    I’ve been to a few films in 3D , I find that after about 20mins your forget it’s there, before that it’s getting in the way of the story.I always go home with a headache.
    Might be an age thing , like the first time seeing Star Trek in colour after being brought up with a B&W TV.My 11 year old already takes it for granted.

  4. Aye, those staples were a bit harsh :o)

    I was the same with the 3D, some of the adverts were in 3D and I got a wee shot of the specs but it took a good bit of the movie to tune it out to point I didn’t notice it. And, my head was bouncing when I took them off and went outside. It can’t be good for you that.

    I used to see Doctor Who in colour at my grans in the 70’s as we had a B&W telly, one of the weeks high points.

  5. The was an interview with Ridley Scott on the Kermode and Mayo movie show last week, he was saying there’s another 2 films in the pipeline which lead up to the events of Alien, so it’s all a bit George Lucas in that respect. Whatever happened to making a movie and telling a story in that movie? How come everyone had trilogies up their sleeve? Also, he said he’s doing something relating to a new Blade Runner, which is a massive risk given that a lot of people see that as a perfect movie. Should he just leave it alone?

  6. What can you do with Blade Runner? It’s been wisely left alone in little time bubble, where Alien was ruined by increasingly rubbish sequels and spin-offs and maybe needed Prometheus to straighten up its legacy.

    Aye, prducers and directors, hands off our memories, make new stuff.

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