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  1. they need a wee blue bird on that packet though. Doesn’t look the same but I suppose Galaxy do try to look like the grown up chocolate/image. As long as they taste the same who cares eh?!

  2. Can you imagine though… eating these without the annoying sharp crispy shell off of a Minstrel digging into your over-sensitive gums? Wonderful. :o)

  3. I actually quite like Minstrels. And you can suck the crispy shell off to get to the chocolatey bit underneath.

  4. hi strugling to find how to ask you a question so have snuck in here thinking of getting a exped synmat 7 for more compfort and to allw me to use lighter bag when backpacking ..but am seeing weights ranging from 880g up to 1226g 880g i may be able to live with the other nada using a prolite3 full length at 554g which is ok but thought one of these would give me more comfort,but would have to redress weight with a lighter bag many thanks for any info you can spare peter peterdixon277@hotmail.com

  5. I’m half way through a bag of Counters. Need more coffee to finish it off…

    Peter227, I’ve actually just got a new Synmat in for test and I used it a couple of weeks back on pretty frozen ground, and it was nice and warm.
    It’s been ages since I slept on a thinner mat like the Prolite, not because of warmth, but because the fatter mats work better on rough ground where I always seem to end up.
    The Synmat drawbacks are the channels between the big tubes which might let a little heat bleed out, and the pack size which is on the big side. The newer version I’ve got doesn’t have the integral pump and it’s a bit smaller.

    I’ll weigh the new Synmat and report back!

  6. Acht!!! I never got any. Morrisons didn’t have them and I’ve nit been to tesco or Asda. Rubbish. :o)

  7. Greed!
    I shall make it a mission tomorrow… Find the only packet of Counters left in the shire! :o)
    Oh btw, were they good, did they taste the same?

  8. I’m saying nothing as I don’t want to skew your expectations to the left or to the right.
    We shall compare notes soon enough.

    The packaging is pish though. I want the wee animals back.

  9. I can taste them already… Those Galaxy Bubbles bars are a bit rubbish though. Aero & Wispa should be the only bar with bubbles. Aye what is with the Brown and pinky bags!! i mean brown and pink!! White with blue animals is the name of the game.

  10. Oh no sometimes you just need a cheap old bit of cadbury’s chocolate. I find a Twirl also works for this purpose. My new favourite recent discovery is these Rolo-type sweeties from Ikea. They’re filled with caramel OR mint flavoured caramel which are delicious and remind me of mint Toffo’s – remember them?… Oh and the wee spongey mushrooms from ikea are also brill. But Galaxy is the best choc. Other than Lindt Lindor but that’s so dear can only be for special occassions :o)

    all this chocolate talk, you wouldn’t think I’d lost half a stone over the past 8 weeks!! See, you can eat choc and lose weight – spin class works!

  11. A Wispa dipped in your cuppa…. Yes please. Twirls don’t freeze in your rucksack in winter, anything with a bit of air in there is a good choice, lighter as well :o)

    Here, I just found out that spin class is someone shouting at you on a bike. That would not go well for me!

  12. Aye it is! But it gets drowned out by the loud music and disco lights!! Haha. Was a new teacher on Thursday night, he was a shouting maniac but it made me go further than I’d been in higher gears.

    No, only thing dipped in my tea is a rich tea biscuit. I couldn’t judge the point of no return where the wispa would just plop into the cup then it be a race to get a teaspoon to fish it out! (go on tell me you’ve no done that?)… :o)

  13. Oddly enough, I dropped a bit of bacon in my cuppa this morning, so I’m maybe not the best person to judge such things.
    McVities Rich Tea, so simple yet such a joy when dunked. A digestive with butter on it… Jammie Dodgers…

  14. This is the best blog ever! It covers the two things I love the most: gear and grub. Come for the gear chat, stay for the loving descriptions of chocolate treats…

  15. McVitie’s Rich Tea – yes, digestive’s & butter – when i was wee not so much now. Jammie Dodgers – not since I was 12! And Jaffa cakes – too orangey now, can’t eat them. A bit like how Sugar Puffs are way too honeyfied. Ryan is a bit of a conosuer of tea n biscuits. Rich Tea are his faves too.
    Let me throw this into the loop… Toffypops! (not dunked in tea though, just to eat?)

    Sid stick around wait ’til he starts talking about cakes! :o)

  16. Rich Tea are eminently dunkable. So are Sponge Fingers, though you had to time it carefully lest the end drop off. I don’t like dunking chocolate biscuits – it just seems *wrong*!

  17. Breaking News: there appears to be no supplies of Galaxy Counters this far North-East!! It is very troublesome news. 2 large establishments were entered today and not 1 bag was to be found. Own-brand poor substitute chocolate just will not do under these circumstances. I then ventured West and still couldn’t find any so settled for a bag of choc covered fudge from Thornton’s. This will only do until tomorrow though when Counters just *have to be found in this countryside. Or goodness only knows what may happen! Over and out.

    To be continued…

  18. ocht stop!
    My lovely mum also bought me some Werther’s choc caramel sweeties since there was no Counters. So have of them are scoffed already.

  19. hi if your not using thermarest prolite mats what are you using at present ? looking around is there a synmat with built in pump and one without?and on a seperate theme started using a shangri-la 3 as loads off space not much weight but have you seen a piece off midge netting that shape ? need to midge proof for me and dog me i can sort(my atko inner fits in,bit heavy though,but dog i’m struggling with thanks for any info or somewhere else you can send me for info many thanks peter

  20. I use a NeoAir most of the time, I boosted it with an OMM DouMat under it during winter and it was fine.

    There is a Synmat with a pump and one without. I got the pump version to test a couple of years back and the other pumpless version is just new I think.
    It’s not on the Exped website, but they never update it, so it might be in the shops. I’ll see what I can find out during the week.

    Shangri La Stuff? Ask Sandy here, http://bigbananamountains.blogspot.com/. He’s been using one for ages.

  21. found a large packet here in the late shop in Upper Bangor (Bangor in north wales) I see what all the fuss is about, Minstraly goodness without the crunchyness.

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