Postcards from the Hearse

I always say I should take my camera in the motor so I don’t miss those little moments you see. When I carry it the moments don’t seem to come my way so much, but the good luck fairies aren’t as clever as they think they are. With the camera at home they think they’ve got one over on me, but they haven’t noticed the new phone. Ha.

So, after a text diverted me back to Loch Lomond to meet the girls for dinner (and more torture gazing at the fresh snow on the slopes and peaks lining up in front of me) I took a left to go through the houses to save a ponderous amount of junctions, lights and what not to reverse my route. Good call, because when I got the high flats that are getting readied for demolition a small band of intrepid bovines had mad a break for it to claim the green green grass of not their home.
A couple of local kids were shouting moo from a safe distance but the cows just looked at them as they were daft, and rightly so. I went to say hello got a shake of the head and a snort from the nose and they went back about their business.
A couple of boys from the farm arrived to take them back as I got into to the motor and I felt for the cows, they really had discovered the endless field of fresh tasty grass over the troll’s bridge and they were getting dragged home again. Probably better from a public safety perspective right enough. For the cows I mean, not the locals.

Also. I used to enjoy freaking out my camera until Lumix’s turned out to be unfreakable. Sony haven’t had room for antifreak in their phone. Yay.


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