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I completely forgot to pack a tent. Stupid bastard. I’ll go and get one and start again.
Off to Assynt in the morning, Bobinson’s coming down too early and we’re heading up to meet the rest of the class for our nature walk. Should be a fun one, the weather’s going to be an influence for sure, but the banter will be good as we’re meeting up with Mike and Marian Parsons.
Phil’s just come off of race training, Mike and Marian are fit, since Mike sold up OMM at the end of last year, these guys have become expedition hardened with all the free time and madcap adventures.
I am doomed. Back in a few days.

7 thoughts on “Post It note”

  1. I’m back.

    I packed a tent, it got blown down… I took heavy duty waterproofing, I got sunburn…

    Fantastic trip, I have three days worth of banter from the folks to sort through. Got the history of the origins of the KIMM, Mike and Ken Ledwards bespoke 5lb race kit-list from ’73, tales of daring-do from everyone except me, and well, allsorts.
    Photies are looking good, I’ll get something up soon.

  2. Did you take the new Harvey’s with you? sounds like a good trip. I’m taking my Laser for it’s first mission on Friday, hope the wind dies a bit!

  3. We worked with the new Harvey map and the official LAMM map for OS (douible sided 1:25000/ 1:50000).
    There was much debate about mapping on the trip!

    The two Laser’s fared better on the trip than the Power Lizard, you’ll be fine.

  4. Snapped a guy and have an ever so slightly bent pole. It was a helluva night below the CIC hut last night. Blowed fierce all night, Stags bellowing and squaring up in the swirling mist, there was plenty atmosphere. Not much sleep and a bit of damage to fix but was superb, can’t wait for the next time!
    Think I need to get some better dynema on the guys for sure. Other than that the laser comp did so well, must have been easy 50mph gusts and it only flattened when the guy on the nose into the wind, went. It’s always at 3am though isn’t it?

  5. Aye, always 3am, it must be mountain bylaw or something!

    Good job, that’ll give you confidence in it, you’ve found the limits and the next time your out on a calmer night you’ll be out like a light once you’re in that sleeping bag.

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