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Ever since I got back from the Strathfarrar Munro’s those rocks I saw on the ridge have haunted me. I’m sure it’s a word, I’m sure it’s a message, I’m sure it’s significant, I’m sure the grass wasn’t that colour.

I’ve had to start marking stuff on my calendar, and I see this as something of a defeat. I like being, or at least living the illusion of being, freeform. Unfortunately customers, deadlines and other people don’t appreciate that stuff. 
An adjustment to a schedule of sorts means even more frantic weather watching. Seana Bhraigh is on the agenda for the next week, even for me it’s a bit of hike to get there and getting in from the nearest road is a meal in itself. The forecast is changing every few hours and its driving me mental, I don’t think it’s a hill I want to visit in cloud, I want to see it.

I also want a frying pan. Ages back I was banging on about having a cooked breakfast at camp, and now that I have egg protection and condiment and oil transportation, I need a frying pan. The titanium ones won’t do, you can’t get two tattie scones in at the same time, so I’m looking at the Eurohike aluminium one. That could take me to budget powered breakfast heaven.

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  1. Bannock bread is pretty good: I’ve been experimenting with my trangia + gas conversion, on very low it doesn’t use much gas using a pan for the frying, and mixing bowl, the lid/frying pan on top creates a nice warm oven for it to rise well and cook without burning. Much nicer than porridge again!
    Not sure I want to lug the whole kit up mountains tho – hmm maybe my next task is to make a windshield for my cartridge top burner out of some thin ali.

  2. I had a great time out on Seana Bhraigh last May, I cycled in from the main road and it was easy. There were a few walker’s cars parked half way along the track at the final gate but I was pleased I cycled as the experience was better and it made for a better day out.

  3. Beth, I think I’ll get the cook kit sorted so that it’s barely larger to pack that my regular stuff. I’ve got a couple of stoves on test that are perfect for a bigger pan, so I’m looking forward to going old-school now and again :o)

    Looks like we’re taking the bikes in as well Colin, we’ve got a couple of trailers to test so we can wheel in with the camping gear and maybe pitch at the lochan half way up.
    Never been, looking forward to it.

  4. I’ve got a tefal not stick camping frying pan and you can just about squash in a couple slices of sausage. It’s great but not very stable on top of the MSR pocket rocket. But it’s worth the risk just for a roll an’ sausage :)

  5. I’ve been working on a solution for a portable full breakfast and did some experimentation whilst car camping. Drop of oil, diced bacon. Fry. Add diced potato cake, fry. Add eggs, mix. Cook fully. As my Wilkinson alu pan is quite small, plate up on some very handy Orikaso plate (that opens up a world of decadent multi-plate eating in a wildcamp) and wrap in foil. Warm up beans/other on pan. Serve, eat. Voila…

  6. Here, that sounds nice. Especially as it’s nearly dinner time.

    I now have a pan, so camp cooking is imminent. Might not be the next trip as I’m biking in, but it will be soon. Hoping I don’t screw it up :o)

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