Polka Tulk

Something someone said the other day has had me thinking. If you define yourself as “A” then people will judge you on that: are you a good “A”?
I don’t like labels, I mean is any one of us really defined by a single aspect of our personalities or actions? Why would we want to be? Complex is pretty, complex is good, seemed that all I ever wanted was a, wait that’s the Foo Fighters.
I was in the Cardonald Greggs, it’s awfy wee, the staff obviously view “my type” as a potential threat, and they don’t have the new-style cuppa machine so it was back to black coffee with sugar sachets, those foil-topped mini milk-buckets and three (?) plastic stirrers in a paper bag, to make of your cuppa what you will in the privacy of your own home/ street/vehicle. It felt oddly old-school. Which is ironic, because that’s where I went to college, not Greggs, but Cardonald College, I’ve done a lot of my gas tickets there over the years. They keep moving the canteen, and it’s full of hairdressers. The college and the canteen.
When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I began to collect childish things that I saw on ebay, replacing those that had been given away, lost or broken on my journey through the years.
And still I sit here after midnight in trousers with kneepads. It’s as if 2000AD knew what was coming 30 years ago, they anticipated Snickers work pants. I suppose somewhere in the back of my mind I must think I look like Johnny Alpha or Judge Dredd, but what I actually look like is an American window cleaner/ department of sanitation operative/ jannie.
All the mugs are empty, such a forlorn sight.

8 thoughts on “Polka Tulk”

  1. Good read fell, struck a cord that one. I hate being key-holed, actively avoid it but we’re all walking cliches to some degree.

  2. Slightly off topic, but I had the first ten issues or so of 2000AD until about 1995 and then I had a clear out …
    A few years later I found ebay and discovered how much they were going for.

  3. Chewy, I liked it better with the typo intact :o)

    We are indeed walking cliches at times, but I think it’s very important to be a whole range of cliches.

    Fatwalker, no such thing as off topic in here!
    Aye, old kit is frightening isn’t it? My old 70’s Doctor Who stuff would have made my bank manager very happy. I do strill have the Doctor Who comincs though, well, I hope my folks attic does…

  4. Hate to admit it but I did a bit of D&D, AD&D and related RPG when I was younger and I stumbled across a horde of ancient Dragon magazines. Leafing through, and recalling one of the most enjoyable times of my younger years, I was almost a bit teary – but I’m a rock ‘ard hillwalker so of course I don’t get teary, dammit.

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