I’ve hardly worn a shell jacket with standard chest pockets over the last year and a half. I’m more used to single centre positioned chest pockets or the Napoleon pockets on the Spitz. I think it’s because when I’m cutting about on a mountain I don’t really want to put my hands in my pockets on some of it, there’s a stumbling and falling to my death element to that particular action.

But on Monday on the trails I had my hands in the pockets on the LIM Ozone. Comfy it was.

So that kind of settles it for the WHW. I’ll take the Ozone. I can see hands in pockets a few times on the way down. Besides, the venting works very well through the pockets too.

So pockets have their place. If only they were velcro backed so that place could be different places for different occasions.

4 thoughts on “Pockets”

  1. My mate Lasty (from the Trail forums) gave me a bell from Kinlochleven today, nearing the end of his personal WHW epic. He`s used a Paramo windshirt most of the trip and has finaly got it working right, I kept telling him he had too may layers on under it! His favourite part of it is the big chest pocket where he can carry and easily access his iPod while on the move, so bear this in mind if you walk with a musical accompaniment.

  2. Yes indeed, the iPod is coming along.The Ozone pockets have big enough vent holes inside to let me run the earphones inside the jacket in the inevitable rain :o)

  3. I was in a shop looking at these & saw the pocket liners were like a strip of rubber swiss cheese, I guess great for not catching stuff, what do you think are the benefits here as opposed to a normal lining.

  4. Better venting than any other pockets for sure, Other pocket linings absorb moisture from wet hands, these don’t. I find that mesh liners end up getting threads caught, these won’t do that. Time will tell on them.

    As long as I don’t burst a packet of Revels or Smarties in there I’ll be fine :o)

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