Pleasant Valley Sunday

Naismith’s rule said the route would take five hours fifty, the gap between trains at Corrour is six hours thirty. Naismith wasn’t eating biscuits and taking photies, so I don’t like them odds.
Arriving at 2100hrs tonight would have given me the whole day tomorrow, but camp would have been somewhere at the southern end of Loch Trieg and I just know that the midges would be horrendous.
After arguing with the Scotrail website for an hour (it kept trying to book me onto a sleeper) I gave in, leaving tonight was a tenner more expensive as well, so they can keep their trains.
However I did try, but it’ll be cheaper and easier to take my own wheels tomorrow and either do the route from Fersit, or maybe from the Grey Corries side, park up the road and bike in or something. I don’t like getting up early, but tomorrow will be frighteningly early. Still, it’s not often I go so far north with just a day pack, so that should be fun.

I should still see Corrour station from a distance tomorrow, not from 40 years away like the photie above though.
I’ll be driving through that one below, the picturesque village of Carnoch as seen from one of my nice wee guidebooks of yesteryear.
That peak gives it away if it’s original name or somewhat skinny layout doesn’t. Times have changed it a wee bit.

10 thoughts on “Pleasant Valley Sunday”

  1. Nice photo of Carnoch! Enjoy your day trip!

    Btw if you fancy a jaunt south of the border to a less visited area a few of us are going to the North York Moors weekend of 20-22 August.

  2. Nice photos…….I was on the Corbett of Beinn Mhic Chasgaig in Glen Etive yesterday and kept on thinking what a great place it would be to spend the night. I must spend too much time on this blog – I kept on thinking “PTC would like this….”

  3. I just got the Loch Lomond and Trossachs companion to that guide book above on ebay :o)

    Ach, you’re just seeing the hills for what they are, a place to spend time and savour. I see potential camp spots everywhere too!

  4. I’m booked up for the Eco-hostel at Loch Ossian next month, should be a great wee weekend wandering about those hills, going on the train and it was a confusing booking for sure!

  5. my last trip to corrour(3wks ago) i walked the nine munros around alder(im not a bagger- honest)over 3 days with the final night on the summit of ben na lap which was awesome. (apart from my lx3 conkin out half way through the sunrise).. Oh yes the point is.

    I parked at bridge at orchy and caught the train in. 5.50 each way.i wasnt charged for the return journy as the ticket inspector could be arsed to come around. Rather nice of her i thought.
    this dosnt change the fact that the gap is 6 hours between trains though..
    In fact i’ve just had an old mans waffle. ‘yes grandad, more tea..?’

  6. the eco hostels quite funny. ‘must carry out all rubbish’. i saw 4 people come from the hostel and then stick their rubbish in station bin instead! at least it a mile closer to the tip i suppose.

  7. It’s a cracking area that, there’s a couple in there I haven’t climbed, so I’ll be back.
    I think the whole area is underrated, I suppposoe it comes from having the glamorous neighbours.
    Hostel though? You know me antisocial to the last :o)

    That Orchy train trick is a good one, I shall rememeber.

  8. I didn’t stay there either.

    I was bemused by people walking to the station and then (trying) shoving big black bin bags in the already full bin.

    I asked a group of blokes with a partically large bin bag what the score was.
    ‘The Hostel asked us to carry it out…’ . I think the hostel needs to explain where ‘out’ is.

    Great area that avoided my attention due to the flaff factor of getting there. I did the tops this time but to be honest the valleys looked glorious from above.I wanted down!!!!

  9. Aye, country to get lost in. I was looking down on the track to the station and it curves around the end of Loch Trieg in what must be a beautiful wee situation. I wanted down there, partly because I only had about 100ml of water left!
    Talking about wanting off the tops, I’ve got a notion for walking the old railway line from Fersit back to Ft Bill. Having seen a few bits of it recently I think I want to explore a bit more.

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