Playing in the back garden

The day was lost from a getting any work done point of view. The weather was looking, well irrelevant lets face it. You look at the weather to see what to wear, not whether to go out or not. So I went up the Kilpatricks for bit a walk/jog/trail run.

It was wet, muddy, visibility was down to 50m, there was ice and snow all over (I got up to 360m or so), it was cold, it was raining, it got dark early. Brilliant fun.

After the grinding ascent from Old Kilpatrick I ran across a bit of flat ground next to Loch Humphrey which is usually boggy, but it was frozen and my footfalls went crack crack crack all the way across, sinking in an inch or so. I laughed out loud as it was like gunshots ringing out in the total silence. Even the water in the loch was completely still with no reflection other than the grey mist which it merged with, the land looking like it was floating in limbo like an old YES album cover or a scene from Silent Hill.

It can be an eerie place as darkness falls. I know it like the back of my hand, but at times I stop and have a wee look around me, just in case you understand…

The track down towards Overtoun House was really water logged and I couldn’t run it. It’s all chewed to hell. It’s a fine downhill run on a mountain bike, but this summer I don’t know. Recovery looks unlikely, it’s never looked so bad from winter erosion.

However, I still enjoyed it as always. You turn a corner and the Firth of Clyde comes into view. The nearest strip of lights there is Dumbarton and the other twinkles are the hamlets of Inverclyde, the dark strip inbetween being the River Clyde. All picturesque at this distance. After Overtoun House it’s a nice country lane which takes you down to a very busy A82. The joy of crossing it’s four lanes at rush hour has to be experienced and not described.

I mostly stayed upright on the icyslimefest due to my Montrail Highlanders. A much maligned and misunderstood shoe. Other notable kit; Rocky Gore-Tex socks, OMM Kamleika Pants, Dale of Norway merino base layers, the now ubiquitous Haglöfs Oz and the stunning Hagölfs Endurance multisport pack (with all that retroreflectiveness you can see in that last dodgy photie). I’ll do a piece on it later after I’ve got more miles on it. If it turns out at all durable, it’s a winner.

I’m so glad these hills are just out the door.

7 thoughts on “Playing in the back garden”

  1. “…and in other news today, residents in Dumbarton have reported seeing a little green man glowing in the dark in the nearby hills…”

    I was chuckling at the shuttleworth “Tron” comment last night, till I realised the reason I was chuckling was because I was old enough to know exactly what he was talking about, darn – but at least now I know I’m not the only one. ;-D

  2. Somebody lent me the DVD of Tron last year and nobody is taking resposibility for it, so I have assimilated into my my own collection. It’s brilliant, stands up well I think.

    I always worry that somebody is going to remake it or “re-imagine” it as they say now.
    It would still be better than George Lucas and Steve Spielberg remixing all their old films and ruining my childhood memories. I can never watch ET again. I mean agents threatening folk with radios? Give me a break, they had guns in the cinema, guns. I remember it well, you don’t fool me for a minute you revisionist, politically correct minded bastards.

  3. “Little Green Man” LOL at that thought :)

    Seeing as it might be not too bad tomorrow we were thinking of heading way East for a wee jaunt to Ben Chonzie if you fancy it. Text me to let me know

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