The three of us went for a wander today, around the tracks and trails from Balmaha. A little bit of the West Highland Way, a little bit of throwing stones into Loch Lomond from the beach and a little bit of looking up at the mountains just up the Loch.
We strolled around under blue skies full of sunshine and showers and had a smashing time. Holly loves her high vantage point in the carrier and Joycee loves the storage compartment under the seat for all manner of “stuff” that Holly “needs”. Just worrying about nappies, juice and wee gingerbread men in my rucksack is really rather nice.
It’s so good to have these places just up the road, a family day out with only minutes driving at either end of it. There were a lot of folk out and about and there was space for everybody. If the pundits are to be believed then more folks will be discovering such places this summer for the first time rather than flying to somewhere else to drink all night and sleep all day. I wonder.

It’s been a few weeks since I was above the 900m contour and I haven’t missed it. Since coming back from Glen Affric I’ve been busy with one thing and another and I think there was a lingering discontentment following that anyway which meant that I haven’t had the notion. I just haven’t felt like driving North.
I like that, it means that I’m not obsessed, I don’t need to go. But, the past few days I’ve been looking at the weather a lot, I was pointing out all the peaks to Holly, I’ve been rumaging through kit and now I want to go again.
The tops are calling. Alright!

11 thoughts on “Playaway”

  1. Alright!

    Family days oot like that are grand, its a nice area around there. It’ll no’ be long before Holly is charging up the peaks for her first wildcamp!

    In fact I was considering Conic Hill or something similar instead today myself if the weather was pish. I’m just back from Ben Cruachan and Stob Diamh and I’m like a burst couch with the stuffing and springs all hanging oot. All the bigger hills up that way have had a decent dusting of snow over the last few days. A few times today I was wishing I had my axe and at least my Microspikes on. I just adjusted my route to suit the conditions though and all was well!

  2. We were lined up at the starting gate on Saturday but the Weather Gods had other ideas. Disappointing but I’ve no lists to tick so nae biggie. There’s always next w/e. The shift from need to want makes life a lot less frustrating.

  3. BBF, good lad, looking forward to seeing the photies of that one.
    Plans are afoot for family camping, Holly already has her sleeping mat, the plushness of which makes me rather jealous.

    Aye Kev, not going can often be more fun than going. There’s no prizes given for disappointment or suffering :o)

    I sat last night leafing through the Munros book reminding myself what was under an hours drive away and over 1000m as there’s a chance of a cloud band from 300-900m on Wednesday, I quite fancy waking up above that. Ach, we’ll see :o)

  4. Isn’t carrying one’s offspring just the most enjoyable thing…

    … and the best training for old legs.

    What’s the secret though – if I wear a hat my little lad keeps ‘stealing’ it ;-)

  5. Pics and write up are up, I’m off the rest of this week after tomorrow and I’d like to get away for a wild camp but I need to spend time admining kit and stuff for Skye this weekend.

    You talking camping up high or lower level stuff? I reckon if the summer is as nice as they are saying it’s going to be then I’ll get a week away with the big base camp tent somewhere and get plenty of hills in with some luxury (on the cheap of course)at the end of each day.

  6. This week I’m still waiting for less wind as I’m taking that new BigAgnes tent out, three guy points plus 45mph gusts…no.

    Skye, alright! Remember, what ever you wear on your feet, might not come back :o)

  7. I still smirk when I remember how that scene went, he was a bit of a fud right enough.

    Today in Tiso’s I was watching an old grannie trying on Inov8 X-Talons!

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