I always look forward to a full moon, nights on the tops are glorious. I got a break with the weather and even the glow from the city lights of the central belt couldn’t complete with the prison camp searchlight of an almost full moon. I wandered the the rocky summit of Beinn Humpis by headtorch, although it wasn’t really needed in the clear wash of pale light that picked out every crease and line of the terrain in stark contrast.
Tired, I hit the sack and slept through the night, waking to find a perfect sunrise pulling it’s boots on just over the horizon. The sun chased away what cloud there were as it rose into a clear blue sky…

Yes, yes, well Holly shouldn’t have left her Play-Doh’s unattended. 

24 thoughts on “Playaway”

  1. Kate, that funny bump on the tent is actually the door resting on my Alpiniste pack :o)
    Very detailed this you know.

    Trip abandoned, Seana Bhraigh next week, tomorrow is pipe fitting. Mmmmfffffffff.

  2. I actually thought that was real, until i scrolled down and saw the model. That’s brilliant.
    Now to the task of separating the white from the gray play-doh of the rocks. :-)

  3. It now has pride of place in the kitchen. I say say pride of place, there has been some discussion as to whether it’s just in the way.

  4. Good job, it really is fantastic to camp under a full moon.
    I was hoping to be in The Cairngorms for this one, but I’ll try again next month :o(

  5. Why am I reminded of the scene from Close Encounters when Neary starts building a replica of Devils Tower in his front room?

    I can see a bemused Holly and a not very amused Joycee watching on as Peter tries to recreate An Teallach in the kitchen, using playdoh and chicken wire.

  6. Not the mountain pal ;0) next one in marzipan then it can stay in the kitchen and get eaten bit by bit. Does play doh still have the same 70’s growing up smell then?

  7. Just catching up on my essential reading – and what a gem we have here – and then I spotted the tag line for my session “its such a fine line between stupidity and genius..”. Still laughing. Cheers!

  8. “Why am I reminded of the scene from Close Encounters when Neary starts building a replica of Devils Tower in his front room?”

    I dunno, but it was the very first thing that sprang into my mind too. I just didn’t mention it in case everyone thought I was weird ;-)

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