Before OMM we had KIMMlite, the name reflecting the sponsorship of the race by Karrimor. Luckily a parting of the ways led to the name change to OMM and Karrimor’s descent into the abyss of selling piss poor gear from Sports World didn’t damn the brand by association.

I’ve got a few KIMMlite pieces, some Kamleika clothing and a couple of packs. Below is the AR22SSL, a totally crazy wee thing that only made a brief appearance a few years ago.
It’s got some great features, the front mesh flap is permanently attached and works really well for quick storage and load compression, it’s got hip and bottle pockets and nice low profile shoulder straps.
But the fabric? It’s Pertex Blue parachute fabric, and among the last fabric to be made in the UK factory. It’s very light and strong, as well as being very see-through.
And it’s pink, eye watering pink at that.

Pulling that out has certainly brightened up my Monday morning.

33 thoughts on “Pinkatronic”

  1. Whoa! Where are my sunglasses! You can see where the AL20 gets it’s good looks from. It’s in the genes :-)

  2. Aye, I love it. The pink is actually more vivid in real life.

    You’ve had it Bobinson, Joycee has claimed it, it was the only way to get my Adventure Light back.
    But I shall bring “something”…

  3. WOW!

    It doesnt look that old a design really, like Bobinson says you can see the MSC and the lines of current packs in there. Even the bottle pockets look nicely angled forward.

  4. No pink is pink, a girlie colour ;-)
    Forget function, when a pack is that pink, you need to put it back in the cupboard, pick up your OMM and keep moving forward!

  5. I think its quite New Wave.

    I had a pair of socks that colour once, and a pair of orange and black stripey ones.

    I think that rather carbon dates me.

    The sac would go nicely with those cobalt ‘Y’ pegs. Very Duran Duran

  6. Aye, pink is a man’s coloure. It comes around every now and again, the Victorians had it, the 80’s had it, so it’s on it’s way again…

  7. > Beth how can you say thats hidious !

    Because I hate pink, and that shade of pink is hidious horriblis extremeis.
    On a girl that pack would say ‘I bought this pack cos it’s pink and pink is for girlies’. As for a bloke wearing it… it would certainly make a statement :-)

    I really dont understand colours like that. Yes, yes, I know I should, being a girly an’ all that, but I dont – I once did one of those ‘colour assessment’ things from a book, and colours I liked and wore came out top – earth colours like greens and browns, black, nice subtle colours. Not that I always go for ‘dull’ colours either, I like purple!

    Maybe I just like to blend in rather than stand out!

  8. Icebreaker have camo merino coming out.

    In the old Westerns, the cowboys always seem to have faded pink thermals on. I suppose they were Victorians from a distance, so that’s okay.

  9. “Icebreaker have camo merino coming out.”

    “Say whit? When?”

    Its been out for years, its just nobody can find it……Boom tish


  10. Good grief…

    Kev, it’s next season in NZ so we might see it here this winter?
    I think it’s printed which is a bloody stupid idea, but time will tell. The camo pattern is the NZ island shapes in DPM colours, you don’t notice what it is at first.
    There’s a school of thought that says it should be a camo pattern made of blocks of colour in the shape of China. For the sake of accuracy you understand :o)

  11. Surely Whitesake were a poor Man’s (Deep) Purple

    Pink is a poor Mman’s Madonna

    But who is/are a washed out excuse for Simply Red?

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