Pink Clouds, an Island

We’re not sure where Holly learned some of the questions, but when we got to ask them instead of answering them, this is what we got.
What’s your talent?
“Drawing and painting”.
What’s your name?
“Holly MacScotland”.
What’s that noise?
“It’s the man”
What’s do you want for dinner?
“Chipmunk Box”.

That’s the world I want to live in.

21 thoughts on “Pink Clouds, an Island”

  1. That was tonight, I was standing at the window with dinner plate burning my hand watching it!

    Holly’s funny just now, her patter’s brilliant :o)

  2. When my Sis had just given birth to Connor her pal phoned our house and Ryan spoke to her on the phone… Earlier In the night we had to pretend mum and dad were going to Morrisons for the messages so he wouldn’t want to go with them (they were at the hospital of course) so when her pal Maria asked on the phone about his new baby brother Ryan told her his mummy “got Connor at Morrisons”! Classic. Kids are brilliant.

    He also says this cute opposite thing that sounds both wrong and right… Like if you say he’s not going out to play, he’ll reply with “naw ah am” meaning “I am so!”. Funny.

    Yous really have a great view out that window!

  3. Ange, I can see that being used in the future…
    “Ryan, I want to go to the concert too”
    “You’re staying at home”
    “But, whyyyy….”
    “We got you from Morrisons you know”

    Sbrt, we made Chipmunk Boxes from Playdough and Peppa Pig & Co, the Ponies, Doctor Who and Flash Gordon had a picnic and ate them all!

  4. Aye!… poor wee thing.
    we used to tell my wee cousin she was delivered from a chinese takeaway (now I know that sounds weird but there is a back-story).

  5. I even managed to stop what I was doing, grab the camera and get up the wee hill behind me – the Trinley Brae – and take snaps of the very same pink clouds, and looking at today, I’m glad I did.

  6. I think if you’d have answered those questions like that Pete, the only thing you would be wearing on here from now on would be a white jacket that buckles up the back mate.

  7. Oh just remembered a funny thing years ago with my mates lad when he was 2ish. We were sat having a meal in a decent restaurant when he shouts Ste your a bastard. The whole place burst out laughing, still makes me laugh & cringe now looking back though.

  8. Das, that photie is a stunner!

    We’ll get the full story on the wild camp trip… !?

    Coops, PHD are making white down jackets, so you never know :o)
    Kids don’t care, they just come out with it. I was arguing with on the phone the other day about my advert and Holly is screaming Dotcom! Dotcom! Dotcom! at the top of her voice. Brilliant.

  9. My sister was on the bus one day, and told her lass not to pick her nose… “but I’m hungry!” was the response.

  10. Kids are far more intelligent than you imagine them to be and come out with great randomness. You could also wear the white Marmot super Mica back to front instead ;0) why they did that in white is anyones guess.

  11. Beth, when I want to wipe Holly’s nose I get “No, I keep it”.

    Karrimor did a white GoreTex XCR Summit Jacket in the early 90’s Coops, very odd indeed.
    Kids are sharp right enough.

  12. You sure she didn’t mean an Otterbox when she said Chipmonk box? Is she a wee gear freak already?!

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