Timing is everything. The sun was shining all through easter and I wasn’t anywhere near being able to take advantage of it which was a bit frustrating given the nice places I have to be going.
But going out to play ’round the back kept me in a good mood. I’m getting used to the old camera again, it feels a bit clunky and it’s way more contrasty than its replacement at the same settings, but I’m happy enough for now.

That’s Jo my fellow ranger below. We did a bit of extra exploring, the Lang Craigs is only a wee part of the Kilpatricks and it’s good to see it in context with a bit of height and distance. We also saw and heard bats, yes heard, via the magical powers of a bat detector which picks up their wee voices and can be used to unnerve the wary and terrify the nervous.

The other good news is that the weather means I’m back in an outdoor shirt rather than a baselayer. Happy, and more on that at some point.

2 thoughts on “Ping!”

  1. I know that frustration well, unfortunately.

    I think we should hear more about the bat detector, sounds interesting…as does the rest of the Ranger thing really.

  2. Ah, you totally made up for the down time with that last trip. Funny, I know the hill so well and I could put myself right with you the whole time, the words and images had me right there. Brilliant stuff.

    Rangering is awesome. From chasing neds or sheep to repairing fences, planting trees, spotting wildlife and more.
    The Kilpatricks have saved my soul many times, so it’s a giving back thing.
    I’ll do a proper bat thing, it’s still early in the season apparently, so I thing some sound recording is in order, bat voices are bloody strange.

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