I go away for a few days and come back to find the blog looking like the book shelf of TK Maxx.
This is because Photobucket are/is shite. I’ve got a Pro account which is set for automatic renewal, which didn’t renew for reasons known only to them (unusually I have money there to cover the Paypal payment), but there’s no manual option either for me to use. Useless bastards.
I don’t want to clutter up my Flickr box of photies with 550px wide shots for on here, so the test kit, PHD factory visit, KORS and me and Phil actually on a mountain will have to wait. Bummer.

Still, here’s a photie to take the bare look of the place ’til I/they get it sorted or I move it all elsewhere.

10 thoughts on “Photobucket”

  1. corr- that looks a fine day out.

    being a pansy i ended up going to the l.district and walked the cumbria way instead of going to fisherfield. the 4cast looked bollocks for last week but looking at your picture i think i may have cocked up my choice of route…

    i still had a good time though!

  2. This is one of the problems with being dependant on external sources and hosting. I used to have my entire site and photos all done in one place that I hosted myself, it was too much work though so I moved to using Blogger and Picasa as its much less time consuming leaving all the background work and hosting to someone else. Bugger if the company you use cocks up though or goes bust. Renewal is often a mare as your cards can change and addresses and such, much better when they contact you a few weeks in advance to warn you its all about to happen so you can make sure everything is up to date.

    If you have a Picasa account associated with your Blogger account then it does actually keep a copy of every single photo you upload to your Blog. You may find that if you log on to Picasa then it has an album in there somewhere ( usually around the date tyou started the blog ) and that has the smaller res versions of everything you’ve posted, may be useful if you don’t have the originals?

  3. I think if you have a Google account which you have to have to sign in to Blogger then you automatically have a Picasa account which will store the blog pics?… not sure but I think that is true?

  4. Slippery Slope, the sun shone for about four hours, with the heaviest rain I’ve ever walked in surrounding it, you were fine where you were :o)

    Disnae matter Jamie, this is a WordPress house!
    It’s super simple the setup I’ve got, I’m loathed to change it.
    It’s all sorted now thank Jimmy, so I’ll have to start writing up the week.

  5. Just set the Flickr pics to private and then post the HTML code. Seen on the blog and Flickr page looks all clean and neat to the public as they cant see them on Flickr. Works for me. Nice photo by the way.

  6. Sounds like an idea Martin.
    The blog content has got so bloated that I’ll need to look at options, there’s something like 2500 photies on here. I should maybe just start a new one and do it better!

    One of my favourite shots of recent times that one above, makes me smile.

  7. Live and learn with blogging. I every now and then I thin mine out, Delete old stuff that has no meaning now. Leave kit and trip reports etc in. Bit of fun blogging. The real fun is the hills. Rain and cold don’t put me of enjoying them.

  8. I seem to catch a lot of rain these days, this week it was a defining feature of the trip, so heavy it made us laugh out loud as we staggered along the ridge!
    Summer’s too bland without these moments.

    My blog is still complete since day one, now and again I’ll have a look at what I was saying a couple of years ago. Turns out just the usual nonsense :o)

  9. Good nonsense on a Sunday to read in-between pitching my soaking wet tent to dry out. Wet kit in the wash and waterproofs that don’t keep you dry once they wet out hanging on the line. I am on a roll as my last two trips involved being stuck in a tent all night with it pissing down outside. Eighteen hours in rain and mist this time. I loved it. No one about and just great. Summer is a myth. Plus I hate it too warm and perfect.

    1. “Eighteen hours in rain and mist”, aye I know that one. Over this weekend I’ve missed glorious sunsets and sunrises and a Southern Highlands inversion on Sunday morning.
      There was a time where that would have been frustrating, but now it’s “Ach, next time.”

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