Photie frame (except in Firefox)

It’s behind you.
It’s behind you.
He sucked on his pipe and immediately realised his mistake.
Despite the beard he wasn’t a turn of the century explorer, despite the hand on his hip he wasn’t valliant or heroic. Despite its insulative qualities and 1970’s colouring, that’s not the hat of a man concerned with results.
He sucked on his pipe and realised he didn’t smoke a pipe either.

9 thoughts on “Photie frame (except in Firefox)”

  1. > Photie frame (except in Firefox)

    You mean the photie should have a frame, cept it doesn’t appear in Firefox?… Does here, Firefox on Linux.

  2. Frame is there in FF 2.x but not comment, 3.x comment and frame, for me at least. Computers eh, cant work with them can work without them.

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