Photie fixatron.

I’ve got a couple of days left of my free trial of the latest all singing, all dancing PhotoShop thing. It’s been pretty good, I’ve been playing with it for spot removal from the old scans and sharpening up saveable misty shots the like. I really can’t be arsed with all the manipulation that folks do, regardless of the stunning results acheived. I just need a proper grown-ups camera and I think I’d be happy.

Photies to me are memory jolters, an instant smile, something to bore Holly with?

That’s the Cobbler from Beinn Narnain, looking all mountainous and grand.

Photies are the only possession I would remove from a burning house. There are so many boxes of them though, and consequently numerous journeys through burning, collapsing timbers that I would probably die in the attempt.

3 thoughts on “Photie fixatron.”

  1. Know what you mean – hence I want to scan them, then upload them to mozy or Jungle Disk (ah but that’s another Blog posting altogether…) saving me the need for any such heroics.

    Why do your Blog postings provoke a comment from me so often? Haven’t I got my own Blog to go to? Eh? Clear of yer great hairy Yeti!

  2. Too much time on both our hands for gadding around posting, that’ll be it.

    I’ve been looking at scanners, negative scanners, over the counter services and the rest. For peace of mind I need to get it sorted.

    I’m going to have to go back to work at some point as well, and it’s really going to distract me from these more pressing matters.

  3. Ah – got it in one. I’m off work until the new year. Ostensibly concentrating on all kinds of worthy projects…

    But all this kind of thing is far more interesting!

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