How many folk who buy fitba tops know (care?) that they’re just walking adverts for whatever brand is emblazoned across it at nipple-level?
I suppose the same applies to me and my music shirts, it used to be a sign of allegiance in my teens, now it makes me smile, so I don’t care. Everything’s a product these days isn’t it.
I don’t like bike wear, I think it lacks in many ways, design and materials. It’s as if they use up all their juice doing the shorts and do everything else on a Friday afternoon.
But, I just bought some bikewear, the fit isn’t the best on me, although the fabric seems nice enough. I bought it purely for the advent on it. On it? It is an advert. Just imagine my face when I saw it, I’m now proud to support my local team.

18 thoughts on “Phenomenal”

  1. That picture really put a smile on ma coupon Love the artwork, a true likeness. And as for the item in question, what else would a true Scot wear but this jersey

    I think there needs to be a team in kit outing ;-)

  2. I drew the face on the tatty end of my photie background paper as it needed trimmed anyway. Holly wanted it and was running about with a daddy mask earlier. She put it over her face, went into the living room and said to Joycee “My want a cuppa”.
    The girl knows me well.

    Yes, we shoild all have one.

  3. I considered that one everytime I go past Dales or Evans. Foska I believe? They have a Marmite one which Louise say’s I’m not allowed unless they change it to Vegemite (Damn Aussies!) but they have a Tunnocks Tea Cake one which I really want as that would be local for me (Just down the road in Uddingston) I go past the factory often.

    Here’s a thought. Know anybody who makes a waterproof Gilet/vest? Don’t laugh but you know how easily I overheat on the hills, well you can imagine how bad I am on a bike. I’ve found a few windstopper ones but they alway’s have a mesh back which kind of defeats the purpose. I want a dry torso front and back and still get the use of my arm radiators. At the moment I’m using my Oz with the sleeves rolled up but the cut isn’t quite right and the hood is irritating.

  4. tookiebunten, damn right!

    BBF, the Tunnocks one is next up :o)
    Waterproof gilet? Seen plenty softshell or windshell, can’t recall a waterproof one.
    But, if it’s for biking only, who about a cheapo hi-viz jacket and hot-knife the arms off?

  5. Good call, only the front’s full Windstopper on that, there’s a mesh on the back.
    Gore Bike Wear is definitely one of the better types.

  6. Aye, I saw that. It’s kinda ok but the mesh back puts me off a wee bit. I’m now looking at something like this…

    From my own knowledegde/experience of stuff/fabrics in the hills I reckon I’ve a fairly good idea of stuff that’ll work for me on the bike and stuff that wont. It just seems that no-one makes the shit I want unfortunately.

    Hot Knife…Hmmm…

  7. Seen that one, the sleeve rermoval is very neat.
    KarrimorBike and then BerghausBike (It was rebranded overnight, same kit!) did a Pertex version, the cut was awful, but the idea is good. Folk like zip-off pants, why not jackets.
    Although Paramo might have killed it with that strippers top they made.

  8. So whats the English equivalent of Irn Bru then Tizer? If you have seen inside a lot of military camps most soldiers had a bottle of Irn Bru at the side of their beds as for some weird reason it does sober you up pretty well after a heavy drinking session, well it did me anyway.

  9. It’s got quinine in it too, it’s positively a health drink :o)
    Tizer’s made by Barr’s, the Irn Bru folk, we have a knack of getting more sugar than is scientifically possible into anything up here!

  10. does look fantastic – I used to have a baseball top (raglan, they call it now) with the old original logo on it in the 80’s – the 3/4 length sleeves were that same blue colour, magic

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