PHD Winter Sale

PHD’s famous winter sale has gone live right here. There is much downy goodness within, and particularly catching my eye are the teal coloured Drishell Yukon jacket and a Minim 300 in either outer shell (fingers distractedly through his sporran to count his pennies).

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  1. Just ordered a minim 300 with a full length zip, didn’t worry about the drishell but now getting concerned it will be too tight! Just bought it due to everyone elses recommendations…

  2. Hi chewy
    The bags are cut slim but not tight. I haven’t heard anyone having problems with them being being like that, but it could be that they know in advance?!
    I don’t wake up feeling my legs are restricted and the lower volume is definitely warmer as you’re not heating all that extra air inside.
    I’m sure it’ll be fine, give us a shout when it turns up and let us know how you get on.
    The 300 is a good weight and temperature rating, I really fancy one too.

  3. I’m going for a Minim 500 (Long), being a cold sleeper and all, with a full zip.

    I just have to come up with a plan to get it past The Gatekeeper. Might need to bribe the postie.

  4. I’ve asked this on OM,but i’ll ask for your opinion too ptc, how do you think the 300 will compare with an alpkit pd400. I like the fact the pd400 has a zip and neck baffle as standard and is rated (or stated ?) a little warmer.

    How does the fit of each compare ? I know you’ve used a pd400 and i think a minim 400 which should be the same cut,i’d think.

    I’ve already ordered the pd400,it’s waiting at the sorting office actually, but it can go back if i’m not happy i guess.

  5. Good call Kev, look forward to the write up.

    adi the fit is quite similar, from memory anyway (I haven’t used the PD400 since last year, fine bag though).
    From experience the 300 will be warmer than the figures suggest, PHD have a deal with the devil in that regard.
    It’s so hard to tell exactly what a bag’ll be like though, I’ve got an ME Xero 250 which is a sweat box. The planets seem to align quite randomly sometimes.

  6. I just ordered a minim 500 with half zip in drishell – cool bright yellow. It’ll be coming on the early April backpack :-)

    ps – this is ot, but there’s a new Star Trek trailer out :-)

  7. I’ll be able to find your camp easy enough with that, I’ll see it through the tent…

    When I go and see Star Trek, I still don’t know whether I’m going to laugh or cry. Hurry up!

  8. I just hope it won’t be the same experience as Star Wars: grinning like stupid when the music started at the beginning of whatever the first ‘new one’ was called; grin fading rapidly as the film progressed.

  9. For all those unsure whether to take the PHD plunge I can certainly vouch for the Minim 500. I got mine in last years summer sale with a full zip and plain M4 outer. It has coped with both summer and winter temperatures alike, although it should be noted that at c. -10C I needed a down jacket, but I do sleep cold. Sure you do get a bit of down shift, but nothing to worry about and I haven’t ever missed a collar, bigger hood and water resistant outer. For backpacking outside of severe winter it is a one bag does all 888g wonder – as PTC* says Mr Hutchinson must have a deal with someone important!

  10. Your picture showing the PHD down recalls a recent US backpackinglight blog entry. Someone has unofficially released several 40% discount/free mailing passwords for an outdoor retailer’s site & the orders have been processed thick & fast, un-noticed by the company. Amongst other stuff, everyone is ordering the Western Mountaineering bags they’ve dreamed of & one guy saved over $1000 on his order. Unfortunately someone put in multiple orders for various bits of gear, didn’t recognise one compressed package as being a sleeping bag & opened it with a razor blade! Poetic justice. Take care when opening those PHD goodies!

  11. My PHD ultra smock with even loooonger arms arrived this evening, I’ve been wearing it all night and its a thing of beauty. Not really a sale item but its still PHD wonderfulness.

    Here’s a pointless but interesting fact(you never know, you may thank me after the next pub quiz). Apparently sir Ranulph Fiennes also has big long baboon arms at 25 inches. I still beat him though, by another whole inch!

  12. Well my arms are probably slightly longer again. They’ve recently added Chocolate fish to their list of approved clothing retailers ;) (Tarakini sleeve length quite lovely.).

    It does sometimes make me wonder when I find RAB stuff that actually fits me. Nice of them and all but what are people with normal length arms meant to do?!

    Slightly tempted by the minimus vest in sale but will probably get an ultra vest instead.

  13. Good job BBF, looking forward to a swatch at that.

    I must admit, I’ve never had a jacket with sleeves that are too long. I winder what’s worse, too long, or too short?

  14. Sir Ranulph Fiennes? Pah, I’ve got him beat. Short sleeves are the bane of my life.

    Montane, Haglofs and now Rab are blessed in my book.

  15. Montane lengthened their arms recently. They’ve gone from being exactly the right length to being 2.5″ too long :-(

  16. PMSL, funnilly enough I was him at halloween last year. I’ll see if I can find a pic…

  17. Boo hoo, there’s nothing in the PHD sale for me this time….

    …but that’s only really because I’ve already got virtually everything in it!! I can’t justify the Minim 500 when I’ve got the Combi and *five* lighter PHD bags to team with it :))

  18. First of all: Great blog PTC! Really enjoy reading it.

    I thought you might be able to help me. I’m looking for a new summer/early fall sleeping bag and can’t decide which one to choose. It should work around -+0 degrees for a warm sleeper.

    My options are:

    PHD Minim 300: Seems really nice, but afraid it’s to slim. I’m only 5″10 (178cm), but have a 41″ chest and relativley wide shoulders (50cm). To bad the wide version isn’t on sale…or? will I fit without discomfort in a std?

    ME Xero 250: Looks really nice. Light, tiny when compressed and the fabrics feels really nice. May be a little to cold for nights around freezing temperatures.

    How do these bags compare?? Is the Xero 250 wider? I read that you said it was a bit shorter than normal, but how is the width? compared to PHD std sacks?

    Best regards,

    /Erik, from the northern part of Sweden

  19. Thanks Erik!

    I’m not too much different in size to you and I find the PHD bags a great fit. They are slim, but not uncomfortably so, but we’re all different and I can see how some folk would feel constricted.
    A narrower bag is better from a warmth point of view as there’s less air for you to heat around your body. The ME Xero and the MontBell down hugger bags are stretchy so they pretty much cling to your body, but the stretch is very soft, goes very wide and is completely non restrictive. In fact it’s so stretchy I can sit cross’legged in the bag.
    The 250 is a little short, I’d say 5ft10 might be fine, although the 350 is longer and has a shoulder baffle. I’ve got both of these bags here, I really should writr them up!
    I like the MontBell bag that came for test last year, and I’ll have that out again in warmer weather.

    One possible issue is over stretching, that spreads out the down too thinly and allows heatloss, but I haven’t found that much of an issue so far.

    Keep us posted!

  20. will I fit without discomfort in a std?

    Erik, I’ve just picked up a Minim 500 (Long). It seems fine to me and I’m 53cm across the shoulders. I tried it out wearing a thin synthetic top (Infinity Light) and it didn’t feel restrictive.

    Whether a Std Minim is as wide as a Long is anybody’s guess. You could always phone PHD and ask, I suppose :o)

  21. Thanks for the replies!

    From your experiences (PTC), how do you think the Xero 250 lives up to its temperature rating (T lim +3)? Does it work for an occasional night below 0 degress or do is it a pure “above freezing temperture” bag?

    I will use the bag during the summer and early fall here in the mountains of northern Sweden. The temperature will mostly be above freezing, but sometimes, the mercury drops below freezing tempartures. Does it make the Minim 300 a better choice?

    Man, I have a really hard time choosing a new bag…

    Kev: I think the long version is a little wider. I’ve tried to email PHD, but haven’t got any answer. Calling them from Sweden is pretty expensive…but might be the best way to go…

    I Really like the stretch feature of it.

  22. It’s roughly 62/64cm across the “chest”. I say roughly because I’m trying to use a steel ruler and the bag’s lofting like a b*****d.

  23. At its widest point, mine’s c.73cm, but I’m using a tape measure, and we may well not be measuring at the same point, so that may not be terribly helpful!!
    It does loft like b***ery though, doesn’t it? When I pulled it out of its shrink-wrapped state in the poly wrapping I thought it’d never do for -10, but it’s spend the evening swelling big-time :-)

  24. Erik, PHD are sending me out a couple of samples and one of them’s a Minim 300. I’ll get the details up as soon as I can.

    It occurs to me that slim fit bags are still cut differently, the PHD’s have room for hips and some leg movement, wheras a Snugpak bag I’ve got here is much more tapered from the waist down and does feel a little restrictive at first. So, it is all a little subjective.
    I’ve only used the Xero250 in summer, I don’t know how it would cope in lower temperatures, other than single-figure degreesC where it was fine for me.

    Aye, picking a new bag is a nightmare. I must have tried between 30 and 40 different sleeping bags in the last year and every one of them will be ideal for somebody.

    I will join in the measuring when the 300 gets here. I shall use a Stanley tape measure.

  25. sounds great PTC. I’m looking forward to read about them.

    Does anybody know how long the PHD winter sale will last? I’m afraid my indecisiveness will make me miss this oppertunity to get a high quility product for a really nice price…

  26. The courier from PHD came today, a Minim 300 with a short zip, and a Minmus Jacket, both in Drishell.
    I’ll get a measure of it tomorrow I hope and post it here.

  27. Erik

    That nice Mr Stanley dropped by last night and was happy to confirm that like Metric Kate my Minim 500 is c. 73cm across the chest.

    I don’t know how long the sale lasts, but there is always the summer one if you really cannot make up your mind at the moment ;-)

  28. As we’re having a measuring frenzy:
    @ptc – this wouldn’t be a Large Minimus Jacket would it? If it is, fancy measuring the sleeves from armpit to cuff for me? :o)

    @everybody else – I’ll get a decent tape measure and try again. My measurements and yours are too wildly different for me to have been correct.

  29. Kev, it’s a large Minmus in teal Drishell with a wee hood, rather nice.
    I’ll get measuring tonight and report back.

  30. I have consulted the sizatron, and the readout is as follows…

    Minim 300
    Width at neck is 28″ or 70cm.
    Width at somewhere near the middle is 24″ or 60cm
    Width near the ankles is 18″ or 46cm
    Overall length is 80″ which is more cm’s than I can count.

    Not overly narrow I’d say?

    The Minimus Jacket’s arms are around the 28″ region, the underarms are designed for high arm lift so it’s hard to tie that one down.
    With the jacket flat on it’s back like an unconscious drunk, it measures six feet from cuff to cuff.


  31. Through the judicious use of string and a steel ruler, I can confirm that a Minim 500 (Long) is 73cm across at its’ widest point.

    *goes back to staring glumly at MWIS*

  32. Poor Matt, did you guys get out at all?

    Kev, It’s definitely longer armed than the Prism. If you’re happy with the Prism the Minim us will be fine, the body is abit wider cut a layers over a fleece very well. Well, a cotton hoody. I had to improvise.

    Aye bobinson, there is much water. Some of it oot my windae has got white horses on it.

  33. Sounds like a plan.

    I like the retro teal colour of the one they sent me, and the Drishell is a great outer fabric, but the thing with PHD is they’re optiontastic.
    The hood though, do you go for the hood option…

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