PHD Winter Sale

PHD’s famous winter sale has gone live right here. There is much downy goodness within, and particularly catching my eye are the teal coloured Drishell Yukon jacket and a Minim 300 in either outer shell (fingers distractedly through his sporran to count his pennies).

54 thoughts on “PHD Winter Sale”

  1. “Poor Matt, did you guys get out at all?”

    We’ve struggled… but managed three coastal walks, 2 over on the Glenelg peninsula and today we’ve been blown away on Skye. Not been up any mountains at all, but coast is good! :)

    We also managed a trip to Cioch. Otherwise lots of time with cuppas looking out of the big cottage window at the weather coming in up Loch Duich (with (very) occasional sightings of porpoise and seal).

    Anyway, the cottage is done with tomorrow morning, but I’m not back at work ’til Wednesday – don’t think we’ll hang around up here in the hope of a good weather day! From what I’ve seen the weather looks more promising further south….

  2. Wow, a lot of new comments since my last visit. Thanks PTC and all the others for your measurements. Much appreciated :)

    Now I know for sure that a minim 300 is 70cm and the 500 is 73cm.


  3. Looks like you’ve got a nice for driving back down Matt!

    Nae bother Erik, it’s good to get as much information as you can before getting that credit card out :o)

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