PHD Minimus Drishell Down Vest

I’ve often harped on about down vests and how handy they are, but it’s all true. It’s the best insulation piece you can carry if you’re looking at warmth for weight.

Just in from PHD is the Minimus down vest. This version has a Drishell outer for a bit of water resistance.
For such a wee and light bit of kit, it fairly packs in the features. It has a full length zip, lycra bound hem, handwarmer pockets and armholes to seal in the heat, a microfleece lined collar for coziness and there’s even an internal pocket for keep your forged papers to show border guards and the like.

Sticking out of the inside pocket is the wee stuff sack, one of which accompanies every bit of PHD gear.

This has already been a saviour of my day on a number of occasions, it packs away small enough to carry in pack when your biking or running, and has that instant Ahhh… factor that only the soothing loft of down around you brings.
It’s a good fit over a t-shirt for just cutting about and works as well over the Montane Flux I’ve got on test, so this be seeing some mountains (and cafe’s) in the very near future.
It brings me great joy that PHD as a UK independent manufacturer can produce kit with detailing, quality and even on this occasion the good looks to embarrass the big names.
Expect to see a lot of this vest over the coming months.

74 thoughts on “PHD Minimus Drishell Down Vest”

  1. Cool, i’m just thinking ahead really :o)

    I’m gonna concentrate on the more practical stuff for the outdoors now anyway cos it appears that Montane vests in Cherry Red are as rare as the proverbial rocking horse sh**. Got another email saying we may be able to get it but it might take 14-21 days!! So I’m giving up on that idea…

  2. Is it?
    But, I’m still getting one, I’m just in a mood about it the now (stoopid online retailers!! grrr). I’ll revisit my decision in a week or so’s time [by which time i’ll need to end up getting it in black(!)]. Cannae face another email from someone else who’s charged my card and then tells me they don’t even have it in stock.

    Anyway… 53 comments on this thread. My work here is done. :o)

  3. PHD pressie arrived this morning including Ultra Vest in lovely black. Can’t believe how small it packs! Down trousers will make those winter wildcamps luxurious. And ptc – how much wet can the mera mitts put up with before they go mulchy?

  4. Truth be told I haven’t really got them wet. I’ve walked on frozen ground a couple of times and scraped condensation off the tent floor with them (accidentally…), but nothing too taxing on the fabric as yet.
    Exped bags over them for outside the tent :o)

  5. Aye I know. Black it is. But that just means I need to get some fabulously bright other stuff to go wi it! Result! :o)

    Anyway there’s a fella wi a White beard due round these parts in.. oh… about 49 days(?) and he’s bound to bring me some goodies. I hope.

  6. I bet she has! I like her thinking. :o)
    I’ve to write a letter soon asking for a Fireman Sam scooter! for the Boy. But he said baby’s just to get “a wee toy”. Funny..

  7. My day has just got a whole lot worse. Not only have I had my second round of root treatment in a week, I’ve a works night out in about an hour that I could see far enough AND… Argh I’ve just took delivery of PHD midwinter down vest in lovely steel blue, but alas the size XS is still too big!! Sh*t! so now I’m over a hunner quid down and have this down delight I can’t wear. This is not a good day.

  8. Looks for the bright side…

    Well, there’s two sessions of root treatment that you now waon’t have to endure. And having eaten all the pies over Christmas you have some new clothes that’ll still fit you.


  9. Aye I suppose except one of the tiny files she used to get the nerve out… it went and broke and is now lodged in the root somewhere!! She even showed me it on the x-ray. “it shouldn’t cause you any trouble though” says she. Aye cos I’ll be right back if it does…

    No, I am determined there will be no eating of all the pies this festive period – that’s my plan anyway. It just means my da will be getting the best (read: most expensive) present he’s ever had from me!

    Was that postive enough? It’s about all I can muster at this juncture…



  10. See, that’s a plan and also a Win right there with the present angle.

    Dental horror? Right with you, I was getting an impacted wisdom tooth out about 5 years ago and they broke the whole top of it off in the attempt (and bits off of some other teeth) meaning they had to cut a wee slot in my jawbone to get the bits of root out.
    The weeks after were no more fun as it healed.

    So when I say I “feel your pain” I really mean it.

    I once wrote a list of my minor injuries like that somewhere, OM I think?
    I’d repeat it on here, but I’d just look either very unluckly or completely gormless.

  11. Ange PHD are pretty good with returns in my experience. I had to return my Ultra pullover due to me having big long baboon arms. Even longer than Sir Ranulph Feiennes…apparently!?

  12. BBF. No can’t get a refund as it was a special order size (XS). That’s what I was told in an email. You don’t happen to want a wee extra present for your better half? :-)

    PTC: impacted wisdom teeth sound nasty. I only have one so far! And minor injuries, I have a tiny scar above my lip from when a guy threw stones in my pram when I was 8 weeks old and scratched my face. Had to have a tetanus jag as a baby. Guess where he is now?… in Glenochil jail for murdering someone!! Yikes..

    On a better note, I survived the works night out. Back home with a cuppa – great! :o)

  13. Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but it seemed appropriate to ask a PHD question on a PHD thread…

    have you seen the new stuff being posted on the PHD website – bright orange shells and some new down jackets…..any chance you might get a chance to review these? I’m guessing it’s unlikely that reviews will crop up in any of the mainstream sources so you may be the only hope for a ‘tested in anger’ verdict on some of this stuff….

    I’ve just ordered an Ultra sleeping bag btw – and am sorely tempted by Ultra vest to go with…. hmmmmm

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