PHD have a new toy

No it’s not a 99g sleeping bag (yet), it’s a new feature on their website which might be even better than the Design Your Own Mortgage Sleeping Bag feature, it’s “GearAdviser“. I’ve been playing with it for a while and made up shopping lists for climbing Denali, Mt Vinson and walking to the North Pole.
Apart from the fun aspect there’s some really good technical information and advice in there, the Lightweight bit in the FAQs section is spot on and the rest is just as well thought out.

It started a train of thought as well. Winter is here, Ben Lomond today has snow on the top few hundred metres, so camping is now winter camping unless it’s at low level. My last winter bag went down to the Stoneleigh trade recently show to be misunderstood by gormless store buyers, so what now?
Lightweight and warm while sleeping on snow and ice. That’s what’s on my mind.

8 thoughts on “PHD have a new toy”

  1. GearAdvisor looks like a curious enough plaything, but I suspect I’ll still get more fun out of their DYO site :))
    (My dream extreme bag, based on the Minims, uses the 900 fill power down to get a -14C rated bag for 800g and £300 :)

    “Lightweight and warm while sleeping on snow and ice” – sounds to me like a job for PHD and an Exped Downmat.

  2. You’re probably right there. I’m thinking I might try the Minim Ultra inside another summer bag at some point and see how I get on. Trying to get out again is probably the only issue!
    The Exoed Synmat will get it’s first outing in a while soon as well. Now there’s comfy.

  3. I’ve found double-bagging a PHD minimus and an ME work fine for me down a couple of degrees below zero and I sleep cold.

    People (well – manufacturers) argue that using both the bags means you compress one inside the other, losing the insulation. But I didn’t find it an issue. Getting in and out wasn’t really any more bother than getting in and out of the liner – probably less!

    The bit I liked on the PHD site was the section on how they do their temp ratings. I’ve wondered for ages.

    Apparently they’re rated assuming “you’re not a ‘cold sleeper'”.

    Well they work about right for me – but for my mate Rachel they’re definitely off! But then again, she uses an Ortlieb hydration bag as a hot water bottle…

  4. Aye, that’s a thing I don’t miss is a liner. I didn’t realise how annoying they were until I stopped using one. They work well and keep the bag fresher, but wrapped tightly around one foot etc…Ach!

    I’ll mess with the camping kit next week, the weather for this weekend looks just too much for me to face after some time out of the tent.

  5. Aye, lightweight and warm, that’s the holy grail.
    I was finding my old faithfull top bag to be a bit wanting on the warm front the past few winters, but I will team it up with the PHD Ultra when it gets cold this year. Thanks for that review by the way.

    Using these two,I am covered for all seasons. Deep joy.

    I really must have a look at these Expeds you enthuse about.
    The credit crunch hasn’t hit me yet.

  6. The Exped mats are great, finding them is the problem.

    Buy now before they take the blow-up valves off next year and you have to use the hand pump!

  7. “I’ve been playing with it for a while and made up shopping lists for climbing Denali, Mt Vinson and walking to the North Pole.”

    Cool so when we walking to the North Pole Fast & Light stylie ????????????

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