Petzl Giveaway

Glad I checked in to see how this was doing, the prizes have most definitely all been taken, my inbox is full of emails called “Ben”.
The other good news there is that the updated contact form works and I will now get the questions folk send me too…
I’ll sort through the entries tomorrow and try to give the winners a shout back. Thanks everybody.



Gear is coming back to these pages, and to commemorate or indeed celebrate the occasion I’ve got a nice wee giveaway from our pals at Lyon Equipment.

Here we have a combo of a Petzl t-shirt (yellow logo on the front/white logo on the back like a proper tour shirt) and a pack of Petzl playing cards.
The shirts are Fruit of the Loom cotton affairs and are rather nice, for I have had one out of the pile all for myself, and the cards are really cool, each one has a Petzl product, a mountain photie or a bit of instruction/advice/inspiration. I’ve been packing a deck of these in my rucksack for months and they’re great, properly usable. They’re promo items too and not available in the shops.

To claim a shirt/card set click here to go the the contact form and in the “Subject” box write the first name of the founder of Lyon Equipment. Easy, click the link at the top.
Include your name and address and pick a large or small size of shirt, there are no other sizes, don’t ask.
I have a few more shirts than decks of cards, so there’s a chance of being a winner of some sort until I run out of everything.

Terms and Conditions
No one but me sees your details. I you don’t even want me to see your details don’t enter.
No address and shirt size included in the contact form email = no prize, the last time I did this stuff I was chasing winners for their details for months, never again, I looked like an idiot.
That’s it, nice wee freebies, hope you like them.

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