Pegs, skewers, stakes and disappointment (reprise)

My collection of new tent appendages has swollen its ranks once again as a quiver of Vargo Nails has arrived with the contents in both thicknesses, 3mm & 4mm.
Nice bits of kit, threaded with gayly coloured cord for your removal pleasure, plenty long and with just a touch of flex.

The Lasercomp will come out of this servicing a few grams heavier when packed, but I’m not worried. I carried extra pegs before and used two of the tiny wire pegs per guy point, so it’ll be a quicker pitch now which is always good, well worth a few grams.

They do look like weapons of some sort though.

7 thoughts on “Pegs, skewers, stakes and disappointment (reprise)”

  1. I see you chose a picture of the 4mm version. The cord on the 3mm goes through a hole a bit lower down the shaft….

    Arrrrgh, I’m a peg-spotter!!!! :O)

    (Crackin’ bits of kit though :)

  2. Ah, there is even more minutae to study…the peg above is slightly different at the top to the others, and they have different coloured cords.
    It’s funny, a packet of six feels heavy, but individually they’re like a feather.

  3. There once was an advert on TV in Australia which said “where do ya get them?” so my question is where in the UK can you order both 3 and 4 mm Vargo Nails?

  4. Usually here…..
    but they’re currently claiming to be out of stock on the 4mm – ptc* must have cleaned them out!

    Never mind, it’s the 3mm that are rare, the 4mm are available here
    or Alpkit do a cheaper, uncorded version here

    I’m sure I got my first 4mm nailpegs from but they don’t seem to be on that site either at the moment.

  5. Yes, I have all their pegs. Rest assured they have found a good home.
    I think the 4mm is probably a better peg with that round boss at the top, but both are a joy and time will tell.

  6. I have used the 3mm one last year in iceland rocky grounds.
    They are good as that but you must be careful the hole weaken them and thats where they always bend and fail if you push them too hard.
    I now use them mixed with the 4mm ones those are in another league with their head the hole doesnt weaken the pegs.

  7. Thanks for that Fred, that’s what was on my mind. the flattened section with the hole for the cord does look a little weak.
    The Comp is re-guyed, I’ve put a couple of the guy-point webbing loops through the sewing machine where it looked a little tired. Just need to sort the pegs out now. I can see me ending up with threee different pegs here!

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