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I’m setting the alarm earlier and earlier , the plan being that if Holly’s ready to go at half eight we can walk to school. Today after driving there somewhat hurriedly I got her to the back of her class line in the playground just as they were filing in the door at five past nine.
It’s a lovely walk there and back, we pass chestnut trees so we can collect chessies sometime soon, we can go by the canal or the river as mood or weather dictates, but it’s beginning to look like we’ll have to either have get dressed the night before and sleep on the couch or just don’t go to bed at all if we want to get out and the apparently unassailable heights of 0830.

3 thoughts on “Patent Applied For”

  1. I’m just glad we have a five minute walk to school, otherwise my tribe would need to be up at comedy o’clock as well.

    Dare I ask how it’s all going btw? The sight of mine heading off together still brings a lump to the throat.

  2. It’s getting better. She’s still not overly keen, but goes with less heel digging at the door.

    I liked her nursery half days when I could pick her up and go and do something fun in the afternoon if I wasn’t busy.
    This new regime is rubbish.

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