Páramo Velez Adventure Light Smock, Limited Edition

Now there’s a selection of words that are unfamiliar on the same swing tag. I’m having my first real taste of Páramo and I’m straight in with this brand new special edition of the Velez Adventure.
I wanted to test the Velez Adventure because of its fixed hood and the slimmer cut that the Velez models come in, and I’m doubly pleased to have the lightweigh version here. The standard version (which I’ll be having a look at over the winter) comes in at 720g, this new version is 584g. Both versions are listed at £180.

I’ve just had it on in the house, so I’ll be back with much more detail and better photies after some hill time. But the fit is good, as is mobility, the hood seems okay for rough weather and folds down neatly. There’s a big chest pocket which I’ve alway liked after years in old Karrimor Pertex smocks and there’s a hidden pocket behind the side vents.
It feels very different, soft and quiet. Warm around the house right enough, but it’s looking grey out that window so I’m hopeful of some good testing conditions any minute.

The aesthetics? Always a talking point with Páramo. I’ve had a look through all the bumff they sent me and it looks like they’re trying. Less looking like a farmer who’s strayed onto the summit, more technical dare I say? The red and black of the Velez Adventure could be from any mountain jacket in the last 15 years, so fine, but not sexy?
It also looks like Páramo are taking the seat at the adventure travel clothing table that Rohan abandoned when they went to look for the lifestyle market and never came back.

I digress, more soon.

11 thoughts on “Páramo Velez Adventure Light Smock, Limited Edition”

  1. I have both of those names and also “Special Edition” to work with on the swing tag and the poly bag it was shipped in.
    But, the post title is the name on the Garment Specification, so I’ll stick to that one!

  2. I know they have a image of looking dated, but the proof is in the eating they say..I have talked to many folks and for example Alan Sloman walked and used his Paramo top on his 1,687 LEJOG. He raved about it to me when I quizzed him. Mountain rescue teams use it. Seems to be very good, Pod caster Bob got into it. I reckon I might end up using a Paramo top if that light weight one is any good – I can get away with it as I’m over 40 ;-)

  3. Aye they do have a dated image, but it’s good to hear that they’re trying to make some progress at least. I remember reading somewhere that the limited colour range was often down to what materials etc the villagers in Columbia who make the coats could get, which is I guess one of the things you have to work with when you try to ensure a more green friendly and ethical product. Doesn’t excuse some of those awful designs mind (unless sexy ninja styles are harder to manufacture ethically in Columbia?)

  4. I purchased the Paramo Cascada trousers a couple of years back and doubt I could find anything better for winter conditions. I used them in Morocco in December, in some very strong cold winds and found that own their own they were more than sufficient temperature wise!

    I since went onto buy the adventure smock but due to a unplanned knee op have not been able to try it out much :-(

    looking forward to hear what you make of this lightweight version – i can see my future pays rapidly dwidling with all these bits of new kit you’re getting in!!

  5. Martin, I’m 40 before this year is out. Maybe that’s what’s happening to me?!

    Aye Benjamin, the fabric does dictate the way the jacket hangs because of the fabric weight and softness, and if they had velcro fastenings they would tear the fabric to shreds. So the general look is unavoidable to an extent. But, good looks, a nice colour and slim fit are still achievable. I’ll be keeping in comms with them throughout testing and getting reasons and info as I go.

  6. Hello and welcome batsneak!
    That’s a bugger your knees bust, hope you’re up and about by the time the good weather returns.
    If it returns…

  7. So, any technical low-down on this? Have they cut the weight by stripping features, or producing a lighter pump liner and/or face fabric?

    The latter, I hope, as it would help extend the months I can use Paramo without overheating – that’s the big issue I wish they could crack (and some of the colours, of course! ;O)

  8. It says here: “Directional Nikwax Analogy Light combines the qualities of Nikwax Fleece and Nikwax Windproof Light in one versatile fabric system”.
    It also mentions “…combined with a lightweight Directional Microfibre outer…”.

    The Adventure Light Smock os the only one listed as using the fabric, but I’m assuming that if it goes well we’ll be seeing it elsewhere.

  9. Cheers Petsey, pleased to report I’ve since recovered, 4 days in Torridon confirmed that, though poles were a necessary purchase! Looking forward to the winter ahead….

  10. Aye, me too. I was out today (giving the Paramo kit its first test) and it’s getting very autumnal, winter can’t be far behind :o)

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