Páramo Summit Hoodie and Fuera Ascent

I got this press release in, and I remembered talking about the kit a while back when it was first shown at trade shows. Looks neat.

(I’ll have a review update of the Explorer Pull-On coming up soon).

The Summit Hoodie and Fuera Ascent Windproof Jacket duo

This combination has been designed to offer the equivalent functionality and protection of Páramo’s top of the range Aspira Smock or Jacket but with huge flexibility. It meets the technical demands of high mountain activity for the alpine climber, ski mountaineer and outdoor professional, being harness, rope and helmet compatible and suitable for temperature extremes of -20º to +20ºC.

Both garments feature very efficient venting from the newly positioned two-way torso and arm zips and a two-way front zip to maximise temperature control in all conditions and activities. The Fuera Ascent’s helmet-friendly, adjustable hood with wired visor plus the scooped back provide excellent protection when conditions require. The garment duo works systemically, giving a contoured fit but with excellent freedom of movement from underarm panels. Map sized pockets, handwarming pockets and secure storage make for a practical garment where items can be easily stowed and accessed even during activities.


This duo will be much in demand not just from alpinists, serious skiers and those on expeditions but also appeal to the high energy and adventurous walker and scrambler.


Greg Care, Páramo Designer says ‘the focus of this design is to produce an upper body ‘system’ that allows complete freedom of movement and avoids changes on routes.  When climbing, geared up with a rope harness and pack I need one set of water repellent clothing that can be easily adjusted without garment changes – allowing a comfortable transition from the cold morning to a warm/hot afternoon.  Having this inevitably increases safety, reduces time loss, eliminates the need to remove my pack, with less risk of dropping gear and no disruption to my climbing rhythm.  The Fuera Ascent combined with the Summit Hoodie does just that.’


7 thoughts on “Páramo Summit Hoodie and Fuera Ascent”

  1. The Aspira is way too warm for me in all but the most serious weather, and for Alpine climbing there are better options. All I can see from this Paramo is a base layer/fleece with a windshirt. The pack volume is also a issue with Paramo, everything seems bulkier than than the competitors. As for high energy walker / scrambler, it will be ‘Boil In A Paramo’ on the hill :-)

  2. Aye, it’s wear-from-the-start kit for me. In the cold.
    This two piece rig might work though, but it depends how bulky the fleece is. If it’s a bulky beast it’ll ruin the concept.
    I may or may not get a set in for test, so will or won’t see :o)

  3. The Fuera Ascent looks a lot more “fitted” than previous incarnations which is a major leap forward. Some nice features too. I’ll probably get one :o)

    The Summit Hoodie I’ll probably avoid. Paramo “fleece” is horrible stuff; heavy, “velvety” and hangs like the proverbial tattie sack. I’m happy to be proved wrong tho’.

  4. It (Paramo fleece e.g. the old Taiga) does ‘work’ though, in the sense of combining to give the full Nikwax Analogy waterproof performance. Maybe the trade-off’s inevitable to achieve that performance?

  5. If the fleece is fitted it’ll be okay I think.

    What worries me is the fleece pockets. Once the two layers are together it becomes a standard Paramo waterproof, so does that mean that becasue of that split the fleece pocket havs a lot of extra fabric as they’re not sewn-on?
    Also, when the rain stops and you take off the Fuera is the the fleece going to be wringing wet on the outside?

    It’ll be interesting for sure. I’ve been using tne Furtech kit for a while now and I know what fit and performance is possible.

  6. The Taiga (predecessor of this stuff) is a layer of ~microfleece over their normal jacket liner. So yes quite bulky. They might have made the outer thinner this time I suppose.

    Really quite water resistant by itself mind. Fun shaking out when it gets wet – sprays water around like a dog :)

    The Taiga combo has normal pockets in the fleece and ‘zip through’ access to them on the windproof.

    To be honest I’m happy with my Taiga for wondering round town but do think that the jackets are simply more practical.

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