Páramo has landed, and it’s a world exclusive.

FedEx have just been, and the Páramo test and review kit is here. At the last minute, my Velez was switched for a Velez Adventure Special Edition Lightweight.
It’s a new lighter Nikwax Analogy fabric and the smock will only be available in Páramo’s London store until it goes into general distribution next year. This red and black version fits me very well, and it’s the first one anywhere.

I’ve also got a Cambia Reversible Sport TShirt, and a Trekker Hoodie. I’ll cover it in more detail when I get home and I’ve got the camera. It’s just so different, I like new, I like interesting.

More Later.

16 thoughts on “Páramo has landed, and it’s a world exclusive.”

  1. I will do later, honest.
    I’m playing about with it here, and it’s so strange to have poppers on outerwear these days, and just a few years back they were on the closures of everything.

    Smells like Nikwax too :o)

  2. You’re supposed to test waterproofs in the rain! So get out in it and tell us if it works as good as the old stuff. Sounds good as I have considered Paramo – only to be put of by the weight and warmth in summer use.

  3. Nearly 20% weight saving, not bad. When you give them feedback, perhaps you can ask them about doing the same for the Cascada trousers. If they can reduce the weight of those by 20%, they will have a real winner. In fact, I reckon they could reduce them more by leaving out the pockets (or just having one). Look forward to your review on the Velez Adventure SE.

  4. I was waiting for that Kev… :o)

    As the evening marches on and I’m still not home, it’ll be tomorrow for photies I think. I pre-empted myself by a huge margin it seems.

  5. Good to see it’ll only be available in the London shop, right where all the main users are. Paramo’s dog walking gear, isn’t it?

  6. I’m only a Paramo learner, and I have no dog. I coming at it from left field.
    I’ve had a quick shufty at the full range, and there is some stuff there that wouldn’t be out of place on a First World War P.O.W.
    I like the Velez Adventure much better, the colours and styling are not quite there maybe, but that’s subjective. I really want to see how it does on manky pishy days on the hill.
    I need to get on with it as well, I’ve only got it for a month. There’s so few around that this sample’s going to be doing the rounds.

  7. Very, very interesting news on the lighter weight liner. I wonder when they’ll let Cioch et al take a look at it.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the Paramo. The Liner Jacket did me proud in Iceland. Drier than the eVent once the condensation issue is taken into account (and the hood fixed up a bit ;)

  8. Hey, I hope you had a great trip. Looking forward to the write-up.
    I’m going to use the Velez as much as I can, them I’ll be swapping to the new Montane stretch eVent jacket for a great contrast.
    Rain, we need more rain…

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