Páramo Explorer Pull-on

It’s brown, so we’re off to a good start. The Páramo Explorer Pull-on is a general cool weather cutting about outdoors piece.

It’s comfy, it doesn’t feel heavy on (it’s listed at 455g), and I like the pre-war polar explorer aesthetics of it. It’s got a nice long body so it sits well with a pack on. It feels utilitarian, and that’s not damning it with faint praise. There’s a lot of kit that makes you feel you should be striking a pose for a camera, or gritting your teeth into a blizzard in order to be wearing it properly.
I’ve only worn it down to the shop to buy some rolls, and that went well. Four Morton’s rolls fitting well into the chest pouch pocket affair.

I’ll have it in more appropriate surroundings imminently.

3 thoughts on “Páramo Explorer Pull-on”

  1. Got to admit, I love mine and it’s the only reversible I’ve ever had that genuinely feels different depending on which way out you wear it and the ventilation options are excellent.

    An awesome piece of kit :-)


  2. I have the Explorer Light Pull On which I have been very happy with, it is an ideal mid layer and with its reversibility has been perfect when coupled with a lightweight waterproof shell.

  3. I’ve got the (very similar) Mountain Vent Pull-On and I can’t fault it. Reminds me of the old style LA Powerfleece, ie close-fitting, warm, wind & water resistant. Chuck a windproof or light waterproof over the top and you’re good to go in just about anything.

    Makes me hanker for winter just thinking about it.

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