People should go to this, it’s a quality line up of folks.

Words fail me. Not all words, just ones to accompany these photies. I’ve been applying words elsewhere, to passed exams, writing children’s books, forms to open new bank accounts because the Clydesdale Bank sucks.
Hopefully folks have seen the Balloch weekender in Trail, that gave me much joy to talk about stuff I know so well that’s criminally overlooked. I’ve guided a local walk as well, I liked telling stories and I liked the banter, this stuff doesn’t have to as dry as I’ve often seen it done.
I walked out of Knoydart with trail shoes that came apart on the way in. Stitching is currently being regarded with suspicion in our house.
I increasingly like the wee creatures and the flowers, a bat catching midges, a bee that waves hello, a spider that tries to save its web as the rain pounds it against the window, colour supplied in the sunshine without anything asked in return. I might not be saying much about it at the moment, but I’ve never been more at home outdoors.
Rehearsing with a bass player at last. Might actually get to gig before I’m too fat and bald to get away with a Flying V. Oops, too late.

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  1. I was gonna go to the Trakke thing to see Mike P, but I got a last minute pass to hit the hills, so I’ll be heading up the A82 when it’s on. Enjoy if you’re going.
    Great wildlife shots, the bat in particular, I’ve spent a good while in the garden trying to catch them as they scoot about and I know how hard it is to grab a good shot, they’re speedy little buggers.

    Donald disnae look very chuffed.

    We need to catch up sometime, it’s been ages!

  2. Levengrove is a nice wee park. You can go all the way to Cardross along the path from there though if the tide is in there’s a wee bit of scrambling along a sea wall. Just don’t wear shorts cos there’s a lot of nettles at this time of year.
    I was reading that the ‘Fort of the Britons’ was originally burnt down by the Vikings in AD870. There’s a lot of history around there.

  3. Nice pics Pete presumably all with your LX5.

    Pondering on purchasing an LX7 as they have recently come down in price. While others are in the frame (Cannon G16, Nikon P7800, Fujifilm x20 and Olympus xz-2) I can’t get away from the quick F1.4 lens on the LX7 and ease of controls.

    Wondered of your experiences with time-lapse function and the Lumix only going up to F8 with you taking many landscapes, depth of field etc.

  4. Sorry for the poor comms folks. I hesistate to say this, but, I am back.

    Graham, the LX5 doesn’t have time lapse, it’s somthing that I’m wanting. Also, I don’t think the LX5 is as good as the LX3, certainly not as tough. I’ll be replacing my camera before winter, so your questions are the same as mine: what to get next?!

  5. Indeed! Too many choices and pockets that aren’t deep enough £££. The LX7 does do time lapse but as more of a selling point than anything really useful as far as I can make out (min of 60sec between shots and max of 60 shots!). The new Canon G16 looks a little more interesting in this respect.

    Looks as though I may be headed in the direction of a Compact System (although the “best camera to buy is the one which your most likely to have on you” tells me I should be keeping things simple). Only time will tell.

    Impressive results with your LX5 all the same!

  6. The LX5 is okay, but it’s got dirt behind the lens, the colour seems to be inconsistent and the controls are starting to get twitchy. Time for a change.

  7. Aye it’s always a bugger trying to figure where the compromises are that you’re willing to accept with cameras. I’ve tried compacts, u4/3 and all other stuff in between. I’m still sticking with the heavy SLR cos it’s the only thing that does what I need. It’ll keep me fit if nothing else, lugging it up hills.

    The Olympus E-M1 looks like a tasty choice for mountain use, but that price tag? Ooyah.

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