I don’t often have this much time to think about an overnighter. Normally it’s “Ah, quick!”, I throw a Lasercomp into a Villain and I’m out the door. I’m still taking a Villain, but it’s got the 2009 updates so this is it’s first trip out (I’ll detail the changes to that and the Jirishanca next week).
Most of the kit that’s coming is unknown and unfamiliar, but trustworthy due the the name sewn onto it. What am I wearing on my feet? No idea yet. The tent is a Lightwave, I’m sleeping in two PHD down bags in combination, so I may be on the cozy side. Clothing choice will be last minute I think, the Montane Halo will be my shell though.
It’s all about kit this wee trip. Well, it was at the start. Now there’s a bunch of us going and it’s become something else altogether. I checked the weather and there’s a front of Highly Photogenic moving in from the Atlantic during tomorrow, but it’s looking like that’ll swing around to a strong North Westerly Oh Bastard in the early hours of Sunday.

I’m looking forward to this.

13 thoughts on “Packing”

  1. I have all my kit lying on the floor and thought I would update my blog.
    Had a quick shufty on here and you beat me to it !
    MMMM pitch pine and clothing or heavy TNF synthetic and old school thermarest !????
    Help does this mean I have too much gear if chosing the kit list is hard??

  2. Packing? Aye, well… I’ve made a mental list of stuff. I wonder how many folk are going to turn up in Rugged Mountain Pants? :o)

  3. Ah PTC I treasure that moment. The gentle excitement building followed by a bit of panic but always ending in the shear joy to be in the hills. To say I’m jealous is an understatement especially with new gear. Have a good one and as always look forward to the report and photies.

  4. I agree, being out is the best, but thankfully KMF is being its usual brilliant self (I’m typing this with a pint in hand and am about to go back into the BMC party!).

    Hope it’s going well – I look forward to the report.

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