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I used these on one of my training runs to get the feel of them. I use poles on and off, the skinny ones (of which we never speak) have been a constant over the last few months. I like poles if I’m doing a distance as they do take the weight off, keep the pace and posture up and it gives you some thing to lean on and scrape cars with if they pass too close to you on the walk back along the road.

There’s much been written and said about the Pacers, so Iwas expecting something. They’re standard fare below, three extendable sections, twist locking with clear length markings. The carbon weave is very fine and the finish neat, some of the cheaper carbon poles do look like a travel rug encased in syrup compared to these. The tip is strong and they come with a variety of spare baskets for all seasons as well as rubber tip covers to make the ascent of Ft Bill High St less annoying for the locals.

The handles are what set them totally apart. Left and right specific big plastic ears they are. At first I thought the fact they weren’t exactly the same shape as my hand would mean blisters, but after about ten minutes use I wasn’t thinking about it. A light hold is all you need and they stay in your hand, it’s the oddest thing. I walk nordic style with poles anyway they say, so the behind your step action with the Pacers was natural and they worked right away. Downhill is the same, natural and trouble free. In all occasions, the lightest of touches and they stay in your hand. Clever, or sinister.

They really helped (saved?) me on the WHW. I used them 3/4 of the time and maybe 120 miles in total to date. When I did carry them they were nice and light, and pretty short whjen collapsed, so I wasn’t upset. And in my hand, although light they feel positive. There was no tripping or flailing around. Keeping a regular pace and pole action pays off, you get into a rythym, or groove even and you’re away. If you’re bimbling and occasionaly dabbing a pole, they’re going to be wasted.

It’s difficult to quantify the Pacers, if I said they felt like Pro-Poles that would sound pretentious. But they’re more user friendly than that would suggest anyway.

I’ll go for the Ford Capri of poles. Lets test those memories…

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  1. When I was a kid I was jealous of my mate, as his dad got a brand new Ford Capri. And he was a fireman too, the coolest dad on our street. Miserable git though, perhaps the Capri wasn’t all he was expecting?

  2. I’m relieved you like the carbon Pacers. I took the plunge and bought some a few weeks ago (I’d borrowed an alloy pair a couple of years ago to try) but, like you it seems, I’m an intermittent pole user and I haven’t done anything I’ve felt like trying them out on yet.

    I’m still curious about those ‘eyes-only’ skinny poles though…. :)

  3. There’s a boy who works in the local garage who has a mint condition Mk1 Capri. He must have spend a fortune and all his spare time on it, looks great.

    Think of the advert slogan… :o)

    Matt, they really did come into their own over distance and time. For day trips up Munros an’ that, I’ll probably leave them at home unless its the Cairgorms or the like, lots of ascent and descent.

    The skinny poles aye, next OM meet…

  4. Nice to see an alternative to the usual Lekis,not a great user of poles myself,tend to use them in winter only.These ones do look mighty interesting though.Who supplies them and whats the RRP ?

    Aaaah,Ford capris eh? brings back memories of the early 90’s when the drummer of the band I was in had a really crap red one with a 1300 engine and more filler in the wings than metal,every time it rained the floor in the back turned in to a mini swimming pool…typical drummers car!

    My transport of choice at the time was a 1963 triumph herald coupe in a lovely 2 tone red and white colour scheme!

  5. In the early 90s I was running about in a 1971 Volvo estate. Mint it was, matched the hair and flares, ah memories…

    Montane are doing the distribution of PacerPoles now, so they should be pretty easy to find.
    The Carbons come in at just under £100 for the pair. They’d have to be good.

  6. That sounds about what I’d expected price wise,may invest in some later this year.Will have a little snoop around the montane site later,just ordered their ‘puma’ jacket this week,looks good.Still trying to find a uk supplier for the Raichle g alpha mids though…why is nobody stocking these in the uk,they look like perfect footwear for this country and are mighty light by the way…determined to get a pair though!

    Volvo estate eh,rock n roll! older cars had much more character,owned loads of classics over the years,but these days I just aint got the time/inclination to work on them myself anymore.These days I drive a chrysler pt cruiser…diesel.

  7. The Puma looks good. I wore an Oryx on the WHW and it was great. Montane’s fit seems to have improved in recent times.

    Here, that Raichle boot looks nice. I’ll make enquiries next week.

    I’m even less R’n’R now, it’s an Astra Estate these days…

  8. The only time i have used poles was when we went to corsica to walk the GR20 …. thank god i took them :-) but i only had cheap ones from Aldi … I will use them again when doing the WHW in a weeks time :-)

  9. I hope the weather holds for your WHW trip. It’s lovely walking weather up here just now, bright with a cool wind.

    Although midges have been sighted…

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