pa : pəˈrɑ : tsi

Holly was in no mood to end the fun after her best pal Georgia’s birthday party so Sea Life at Loch Lomond is always a good bet, especially as we’ve got passes for it.
They’re doing a revamp so some stuff is closed or empty as the inhabitants get sorted for the move. This seems to have annoyed the remaining residents though, the otters at the start were all standing on a log staring at the glass, straight into your eyes in fact and they were not happy. An otter isn’t that big but when it’s on up on it’s back legs baring it’s teeth you’re kinda glad there’s a big barrier between it and your face.

I might have been a little over sensitive as Holly and another little girl had been pushed around to the point of tears at the soft play area in the cafe by a child whose future I could see mapped out in front of him by both his behaviour and his parents attitude towards his conduct. Family member in peril + stupids as the perpetrators = red mist.  Been a while since my heart was beating that fast.

But it might not have been me, lots of other fish had developed interesting new behavior, including playing dead, jumping out of the water and stopping to look right at you quizzically with one raised eyebrow. It was like a sea life based version of Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.
The octopus was playing silly buggers too, dancing about it’s tankarium like Kali from The Golden Voyage of Sinbad until I pointed my phone at it to take a wee photie, when it hid its scary satanic eyes behind it’s tentacles shouting “No pictures! No pictures” Touchy bloody thing.

Holly got to shake hands with a starfish which did seem to restore some sort of cross-species accord, so we left in a more relaxed frame of mind. Still, it’s worth watching the water, just in case. Just look at Planet of the Apes.

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