Own Goal

Behold! What we have here is Scottish Power’s new logo which replaces the old purple and green prism thing that they had.
Now I can see what they tried to do, some kind of mild environmental alignment. But what it actually said to me the first time I saw it was “Here’s the three steps to ultimate power”.
From left to right: take nature; treat it with chemicals; set fire to it.
That’s about right then?

7 thoughts on “Own Goal”

  1. Probably the price of a few thousand domestic appliances no doubt. The money they waste on, lets be honest some infant school drawing,for new logos is beyond me. They could have used the money better by knocking peoples bills down a bit.

  2. It’s astonishing what gets charged for this kind of thing. I know of one small software house that paid about six months salary’s worth of cash to a firm to come up with a new logo.

    It was the name of the firm, in lower case, in bold Arial (or very similar typeface) + three coloured balls.

    The font doesn’t even have the letters lined up properly (according to a type-setter that looked at it).

    They could have handed over a tenth of that to some design students and got something far better.

    But it’s satisfied someone’s ambitions (on both sides of the deal no doubt).

  3. A case of “It was expensive and took six months, so it must be good!”.
    Aye, if they were refering to a motorway building project rather than a wee bit of artwork.

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