Outdoors Magic

A fresh dump of snow, overcast, cold, damp, sleety and miserable. Perfect picnic weather for the Macfarlanes.
Past Aberfoyle the road to Inversnaid became tyre tracks through the snow, the trees branches hanging low under the unexpected weight of so much new wet snow. A genuine winter wonderland. Holly yelled with excitement when we came across a herd of wild goats, including what looked like a recent addition to the family, hope they’re okay in this return to winter.
Inversnaid is full of memories for me, but none of them include the waterfall looking quite so magnificent as it did today. Thundering over the rocks the water was. Brilliant.

We walked the West Highland Way for a while until Holly picked our picnic spot by the Loch. The sleety drizzle started picking up the pace a little, but we didn’t bother with it, we were all wrapped up. The Loch was silent and dark, and across its waters the Loch Sloy power station pipes slid into the low cloud in search of the hidden summits of the Arrochar Alps. So much grey and white around brought out all the rusty browns and lush greens of the bank where lingered. Nature never really gives up on trying to impress.

By the time we got back to the motor the sleet was more insistent, and 0n the road back we were sweeping proper snow off the windscreen to keep a clear view of the numerous potholes ahead. The Lochs and Glens bus stopped to let us by. Never have I known one of these drivers to do such a thing bless ‘im. He’s either very new in the job or a genuinely thoughtful fella. There were five Lochs and Glens buses at the Inversnaid Hotel. I wonder what the passengers made of the place?

We stopped for warm cuppas and cake in Aberfoyle. Liz Macgregor’s Tearoom is a cracking wee place, it’s winter, but not only was it open, it was busy, well-stocked with tasty stuff and friendly. Maybe there’s hope for us after all.

Family, outdoors, food. There is no bigger Win.

13 thoughts on “Outdoors Magic”

  1. JYC here, we had a great day and weather was alright, but you’re right about these moments, There’s nobody like Dad just now and this pic says it all :)

  2. That looks a cracking picnic spot even in the winter and the last photo of Holly and you is something special. Puts a big cheesy grin on my face :D

  3. When the bank is being a pain and the cheques are slow to arrive through the post, just look at the last picture and remind yourself you are rich indeed.

    Sloppy yukky snow at moment tho : (

  4. Aye,I left being a dad until late in life, but I’m enjoying it all the more.

    Minging day today, wet horrible snow and no enthusiasm to go out into it!

  5. An hour after that, those 5 bloody lochs n glens buses are outside my house…get out, snap pic, get back in, drive on. Repeat in infinitum, stay in hotel owned by lochs n glens, repeat following day etc etc…


  6. I love getting caught behind them north of Tarbet on Loch Lomondside. Gives me a chance to look at the scenery as we crawl to Crianlarich at 10mph.

  7. I don’t know where these places are. I’ll look on a map, i’m sure the boy would love to go there. Wonderful last picture there, she’s all rosey-cheeked and pink-nosed, brilliant :-)

  8. The wee man would love it. The track both sides of Inversnaid are worth exploring, all very near the water, and often high above it, so worrying at times when your child is like a missile when not gripped tightly!

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