Out to Play

I went out in the cold sunshine of the Kilpatricks to take some shoe shots, but that really didn’t go so well. Instead I found myself jogging around the trails, gearless and grinning. I ended up tearing along the edge of Lang Craigs as the sun slipped down, arms waving in the air as I skittered down the rocks then across the field to arrive back at the motor, breathless and chuckling.
Somtimes it’s good when it all goes horribly wrong.

14 thoughts on “Out to Play”

  1. Ach, youse are awfy kind!

    I came across this by accident, the camera fell back when I was running towards it on the timer and caught me in a blurry mess as I jumped. I did it on purpose a few times after that and the one above was the best of the bunch. Good fun :o)

  2. beautiful day yesterday – took my kids up Conic Hill and finally got my 6 year old daughter hooked on the hills like her brother – mainly down to having a ‘race’ between each of the 3 little tops.

  3. sbrt, that studded sole in the photie is an Inov8 X-talon 240. I’ve had them on test for ages along with a whole bunch of Inov8 kit. I’ll have something on it all soon.
    Oh the grip those soles have…

    Del, that’s magic. A proper wee mountain to start off on too.
    I was so frustrated on Tuesday driving up and down the loch and getting nowhere near the hills.

  4. Imelda Marcos had 3000 pairs of shoes, and not one pair of Inov8’s although she could argue the benefits of a stiff boot against your trail runners I imagine ;o)

  5. Given the unfeasably large range I think she could have got into Inov8 in a big way, there must be a walk-in cupboards worth at least?

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