Oscar Marzaroli

Just watched a cracking programme about Oscar Marzaroli on BBC2. His photies are iconic and famous for capturing real life moments in Scotland, I suppose Glasgow in particular, but as the same time elevating the subjects in intangible ways.
OM1Children playing in the street in become a voice for their generation telling tales on life long gone, grinning shipyard welders show relaxed pride and confidence in what they’re doing in an era that’s long since had luxury flats built across it.

His Highland work does what only non-mountain folk can do – show the mountains in a different way. I love that, but all of his work speaks to me in some way. I remember some of what he captured when it was still there, plenty more I remember as stories from parents or grandparents.

Times were hard, aren’t they always, but seeing the community spirit, defiance even in the face of the sweeping changes imposed upon it by successive short sighted local authorities is something to marvel at, admire and maybe wish it was still here before modern town planning destroyed it and the virtual online community moved in to replace it.

It’s good to see the world in black in white sometimes.

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  1. In a similar vein, there was a BBC programme on Sunday, “What do artists do all day?” It featured Albert Watson (no relative, and certainly no skill transferred to me) on a trip to Skye to take “Lord of the Rings” pictures. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03y85dl

    I drew this to the attention of the dear wifey, and pointed out that I should have THREE assistants, including one manning the laptop (on a tripod complete with hood).

    Hope the LX problems get sorted soon … Excellent photies from Torridon (we were staying at Balgy in February).


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