Optimus Terra Solo Review

I covered the Optimus Terra Weekend a while back. The Solo is the same great design and performance, it’s just 600ml rather than the 950ml of the Weekend. I’ve taken it on a few trips now and it’s very usable indeed. The size is just about enough for a dehydrated meal and a cuppa, although a wee topup and reboil are a frequent occurance to avoid filling it to the brim.

I get a gas canister (I took a Primus flavour last trip), stove (Crux Lite), the folding spork and a firesteel inside the pot with the lid on. I did use the pot as a mug, but the Snow Peak Ti mug has ruined that plan as now I just have to carry that as well.

The big question is which capacity is best, Solo or Weekend? The Solo is definitely enough, but the Weekend would do enough hot water for two dehydrated meals or multiple cuppas in one boiling. I’ll carry the Solo more I think as I do a lot of one night solo trips and it’s only 40g heavier than my MSR Titan Kettle and it’s much more user friendly.  

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  1. PTC,

    Snowpeak 900 myself, a 600 mug as a cup and spare (should get a smaller cup, but not pink). The fact you had to do a wee top up says a lot. Think that over say a six day period that could use a lot more fuel than you think. I’ve been looking hard at fuel weight and have been inspired by Colin Ibbotson’s esbit stove design on the web I made my own. 26g in weight (down from 35g on first model). I boil 500ml on half a 24g esbit tablet the other half does the brews I need. I’m taking it with me to Scotland week after next. Total 6x24g esbit tablets for the whole trip. Stove can’t break and has no jets to block or go wrong. Pot size matters along with fuel weight once you are on a multi day trip. One boil for the main meal and then how many brews you need vs total fuel to be carried.

    PS, what is the sleep pad in the photo

  2. Spot on with the fuel. For multi days I wouldn’t take the Solo for that very reason.

    The mat is an Exped AirMat. It’s not the lightest, but it’s very comfy indeed at 7.5cm thick and packs to the size of a magazine. Great bit of kit.

    Hope you have a good trip up here, whare are you off to?

  3. PTC,

    The plan is to do the Fannich’s, then swing by Slioch as I suggested it to you I got kind reminded to go back that way (Long time since last visit) then its over in to Coulin Forest to bag Sgorr Ruadh and lots other hills, and finish at Strathcarrron. I made a more robust an snazzy stove today and it’s up to 40g which is shocking but its going to brew a nice coffee on a summit or two.

  4. Good cuppas are vital.

    Sounds like a trip and a half, magic.
    I love the hills north of Fort William, they’ve got something special.

    Aye, 40g. That’ll be a bugger carrying that :o)

  5. PTC, just a word on that ‘different’ coloured Snowpeak Ti mug you rescued from Blacks, what size is it? (looks like you could get a Sigg inside it) and is it a single or double wall? Cheers.

  6. Not 5 minutes ago, a wee Optimus Terra Solo landed on my desk :o) Thanks for bringing it to my attention. The measuring marks should help avoid future Chicken Tikka Soup scenarios :o)

  7. holdfast, it’s 450ml and single wall, I’ll see if anything fits inside when I get home.
    btw, I have since got a double wall titanium Snow Peak mug from the US via ebay, this boy here http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Mickies-Place-Outdoor-Gear
    Aye, it was purple too. I like the green as well…

    Kev, it is a dinner saver for sure. How many time have I had Reiter Chicken noodle soup instaed of hotpot thanks to MSR? The handles are are the other winner.

    Also, I’ve had a look at the Primus Jetboil-a-like that uses the similar pots and it’s dead easy to make a heat exchanger that will drop onto the stove, rather than be welded to the pot. I’m pretty sure I can do it and make packable.

  8. Cheers PTC, i like the look of the green one too, that purple one just looks like most mountainbike components from the early 90’s! Do you get stung with import duty ordering from Mickie’s place? Think i’ll go for a double wall to keep the brew warm when we get back to Norway and if it’ll squeeze onto the bottom of a Sigg then thats less room taken up in the Villain.

  9. Alright!

    Camelbak bottles fit in it, SIS bottles fit in it, Ultimate Direction bottles fit in it and so do SIGG sports 0.75L bottles.
    They fit on both single and double wall mugs, the double one is a bit fatter.

    Now, that green one…

  10. Has anyone tried the Snow Peak Trek 900 solo cookset to know if it’s any good? It looks similar to the Optimus stuff but is Titanium.

    That ebay store mentioned above, Mickies has them for a nice price and I’m kind of tempted.

  11. Green 450 double wall will be on order as soon as Paypal finish taking 7-9 days transferring the money from my bank account. WTF! I thought we lived in the digital age where everything could be done instantaneously! Smells fishy to me, smells like someone is making lots of money holding onto our pounds and pence for a few days.

  12. holdfast, that’s a Paypal e-cheque and they can take up to 2 weeks. I’ve no idea why Paypal do that sometimes, it’s a pain in the arse. I don’t know if it’s something you can change in your account settings? Good call on the mug though :o)

    Benjamin, worth a gamble I’d say. I never got hit for duty on the mug. The only reservation I have is the handles and how hot they might get? I always have a Buff handy to grab the similar ones on tmy MSR Titan kettle.

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