Optimus, New Kit for 2010

I’ve used Optimus kit plenty over the past couple of years, in fact the pots have been a constant because of the level markings and the brilliant long, plastic-covered handles.
There’s been some product updates, and I’ve had a wee look at some below.

Above we have the re-worked Crux stove. It’s foldiness (foldingosity?) makes it a nice flat shape to pack, but it was a little on the wobbly side where the sliding collar covered and supported the joint. Now though it has a new collar that’s a wobble banisher. Good call.

Another useful addition is seen above and below is a heat exchanger version of the pots. Below is the HE version of my current favourite Terra Weekend pot. The heat exchanger has a zigzag internal structure to maximise surface area and heat absorption, and adds only a little extra height to the pot. Good from a stability and pack-size perspective.
You’ll see the new thicker green handle coating as well. easier to see, and won’t let water in between it and the metal bit of the handle! The regular Terra Solo is the wee one next to it for comparison purposes, and you’ll notice the it has a spout and the Weekend HE doesn’t. We’ll see if this makes a difference later.

Above is some of the bigger pan-sets, and the matching handle with the nice matt finish. Much easier to grip than those shiny horrors that I used to struggle with. A wee glimpse of the new big-logo branding on the bowl at the back too.

Below we have my replacement Crux Lite and the first use of the Energy gas. These will be a constant and I’ll have words about them in the regular gear updates.

14 thoughts on “Optimus, New Kit for 2010”

  1. A blaze o’colour and shiny stuff, I love it :-)

    Whats the Yellow thing, bottom right.

    You’re very wary looking, is there a suspicious looking Magpie eyeing up the purple mug?

  2. I’m probably wondering what bobinson is doing in the trees…

    The yellow thing is my Snowclaw. I’ve started using it as an extra windshield/tent protector when cooking in the porch.
    It’s been really handy in a general sense, flattening the pitch before getting the tent up, keeping the porch compacted so I don’t keep knocking snow into the tent, digging out a pile of snow chunks to keep in the porch for a water supply.

  3. The fact that my perfectly serviceable Crux is one of the older versions that suffers from ‘the shakes’ means I can justify one of the shiny new ones right?!

  4. It’s the bigger Weekend Pot coops. I’ve been carrying that the past few trips as I can get a meal and a cuppa out of one boil as it takes 800ml.
    I haven’t even noticed the size and weight difference either.

  5. I fancy an optimus crux stove, but would be distraught if i got one of the woblier versions,when there is a better one out there. Apart from the wobble factor, is there anything that distinguishes it from the old one, I suspect there are still plenty out there,I’ve only ever seen pics of one to be honest.

  6. The collar looks different. See the top photie, that’s what you’re looking for, the old collar doesn’t have the ribs.
    Easy :o)

  7. Thats great Pete, thanks for that, just need to find somewhere that stocks them now where i can , *shock* buy one off the shelf, saves me sending odd emails asking for ribbed collars :-/

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