Optimus Double Cup

I was almost going to say nothing about this and let all our imaginations wander looking at the photie. The Optimus Double Cup.

Racers use dangly cups to drink from burns and lochs on the hoof. And this is the king of dangly cups. Will I ever use it? I don’t care, I just want to have one.


5 thoughts on “Optimus Double Cup”

  1. Neat, one for coffee and the wee one for a dram :))

    Hmm, needs one more for the haut cuisine wine accompaniment…. do they do a Triple Cup?!!

  2. I carved my own ‘kuksa’ when i was in Norway from a piece of firewood but as i’m no expert in the art of ‘whittlin’ it weighs a ton and is a bit ‘chunky’. Most people out walking over there at any kind of altitude carry a kuksa instead of a bladder or even a Sigg.

  3. It’s a nice we thing, I’m going to take it and try it. The big one is 250ml, so it’s actually quite useful.


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