Optimus Crux Lite Stove, Optimus Terra Weekend Pan Set, Optimus Folding Spork Review

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The Crux Lite arrived the day before I left. I checked that it fired up then stuck it in the Terra Weekend pot with a 250 GoSystem gas canister, my firesteel and the Optimus titanium folding spork. It’s a neat wee package.

The first time I used it was for a brew up on the first day, outside, behind a wall “kinda” out of the wind. It has a good steady flame, the wide burner and flame shape suiting the Terra pot well (and my MSR Titan kettle as well, when I tried after I got back). The flame is wind resistant as well, the pan supports acting as baffles. I really tested the thing on the bench behind the Bridge of Orchy Hotel in high winds and snow and it stayed lit.

The pan suppoorts are grippy and wide, they also fold easily. The valve has a bent wire handle that folds onto the stove for storage. There is a bit of cleverness here. To fold it away after use you have to open it a half turn, this means there is no pressure put on the valve spindle and the faces inside (how often do we stow a stove away with it shut tight from putting the gas off?), so there’s less chance of distortion or sticking of the moving parts over time.

One thing I didn’t expect was fuel economy. I took a 250 gas and I could have taken a 100. This was partly due to the Terra pot which has internal volume markings so I wasn’t boiling any water I didn’t need, but it was cold much of the time and windy and I still got a fast boil and low fule useage. I’ll know better in the long term.

I’ve got a few of these mini canister stoves that I use regularly. The Crux Lite has the neatest construction, it feels solid and reliable, burns well, packs small. I like it a lot, I’ll be reaching for this first in the future when I’m packing.

I mentioned the Terra pot above, the markings are dead handy for getting your cuppa and food done quickly and efficiently. The pan/lid is good for your dehydrated muesli in the morning. There’s only so much eating out of a bag you can do before the novelty wears off. The rubber coated handles are good and there’s (left handed people look away now) a spout on the side so you can pour properly.

The spork is great, it put’s food in your mouth and stirs a cuppa just the same as any old thing. But, it goes in with the rest of the cooking kit and is right there when you need it. Trust me, it made a difference.

I was happy with the Optimus kit. It works well together, unfamiliarity with it wasn’t an issue as it just does it’s job. It’s not the absolute lightest combo I have, but it’s the most versatile as I can get so much other stuff in the pot with the gas and stove. Days worth of drinks etc.

It’s not all about weight, it’s weight/ functionality/ pack size. I’ve got a smaller pot set, the Terra Solo, that’ll be using shortly as well, looks great for a night or two.

6 thoughts on “Optimus Crux Lite Stove, Optimus Terra Weekend Pan Set, Optimus Folding Spork Review”

  1. I wore Keen Targhee Mids. Not the new eVent ones, my original pair which are few years old.
    Was it a good choice? Maybe, I decided on them because I wasn’t sure how much snow was coming. In the end I didn’t really need that much protection, but I was quite happy. A good choice for the route this time of year I think.

  2. Im sold on this, was thinking of the MSR Tatan/Pocket Rocket combo, but reading your review, this looks far better.

    Shopping this weekend, methinks!!

  3. The Titan is a great bit of kit, but I’ve always had issues with the Pocket Rocket. It’s very tall and narrow and feels a bit more unstable with a pot on it.
    The handles on these Optimus pots are great, no burnt fingers!

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