Me and Joycee had a wee cut about the Kilpatricks on our own for the first time in quiite a while. Granny said “I’ll have Holly this evening, on you go” while pushing us towards the door. “…but Mother!” says I to no avail.

It was nice indeed. A quiet, clear, warm evening without a soul in sight. We wandered for a couple of hours and eventually sat on the top of the Lang Craigs and watched the sun go down with a picnic of Honey Stinger protein bar and cola flavoured Nuun ( I was already packed for a trail run you see. Ah what the hell, it tastes mighty fine).

Holly was of course out for the count when we got back and the whole car seat, jostling, faffing aspect of the short drive home didn’t even register. I told her the story of the sun growing an eyebrow (see above) this morning, and she looked at me as if I was daft. And quite right too.

6 thoughts on “Oot”

  1. Family time is good time – The best views are always the ones with those who matter most.

  2. Any issues with access on the Kilpatricks? I am fairly new to Glasgow, looked at them on the map, and thought it looks like private lanes to private houses, and no footpaths, although know you have right to roam up here, is it easy to access and roam randomly on these hills, would be a bit closer than the Campsies (and hopefully firmer underfoot) for a local gad.

  3. Spot on Martin. It won’t be long ’til the two us are doing this again…
    I just have to work out how to get Holly crampon compatible :o)

    Who2, access is pretty good to the Kilpatricks, there’s lots of entry points. Once you’re up there there’s plenty to explore.
    The best access points are at Overtoun House at Milton. It’s accessed by a road that leaves the A82 just at Arnold Clark’s garage. There’s parking at the house itself.
    There’s another good one next to Old Kilpartick train station, or you can park nearby as well. It’s a right of way (part of the Core Path Network) through the farm buildings onto the hills.
    The other good one is from the Queens View on the Stockiemuir fRd from Milngavie to Drymen. There’s a car park there and the track takes you up the the Whangie (google it!) which is a fantastic rock formation. It’s a good walk from here across to Dumbarton or Old Kilpatrick. It feels pretty remote and you’re unlikely to meet anaybody else.
    It’s good for mountain biking and trail running as well.

    If you need any pointers, just shout.

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