Ooh, Baby Baby

It’s a Flying V, it’s purple. Of course I was going to buy it. 

It’s a Dean Baby V, the neck is regular sized, with a 24¾” Gibsonesque scale length, but the body is ¾ sized, hence the Baby tag. The smaller size is handy for home use, I can wander about easier, don’t get jammed in doorways, the duvet, on the toilet etc. And, as it’s a V I can leave it standing anywhere without too much worry of it getting knocked over.
It’s the cheapest guitar I’ve ever bought, less than two tanks of diesel, but it sounds great,  and after I tweaked the set-up it’s very playable, although I can see a fret-dress in it’s immediate future. Aye, it’s a little rough compared to some of my handmade vintage stuff, but it makes me grin no less for that.
Is it a bit glam looking maybe? Ah, not with my face behind it it isn’t.

6 thoughts on “Ooh, Baby Baby”

  1. Ah , you can’t put a price on art. I think your next purchases should be a couple of spotlights and a dry ice machine (or two) for your front room.

    I’m also quite impressed how you’ve justified this to yourself.

  2. The real danger is that I like the neck, so I’ll now start looking at the full sized versions.

    Right now the living room is fairy lights and balloons, dry ice wouldn’t be that much of a stretch!

  3. It’s funny, I asked the boy what he wanted from Santa. He looked, shook his head, sighed and said in a “don’t be silly Angie” voice… “a drum kit!”. My mum looked horrified, then he said “…and a kintar” (that’s what he calls a guitar). He’ll be in your band soon enough :o)

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