I was in a shop before Christmas, a big shop, it was in Braehead, Primark maybe? Anyway, they had what I thought were dressing up outfits for adults, cartoon characters, superheroes and the like and on the whole they seemed a little sinister and somewhat overly plush. Turns out it was pyjamas, all-in-one pyjamas, or onesies.
I dunno about this, I mean, a bedtime boilersuit? Is it just Andy Pandy Pandemonium or late night lounging luxury?
Whatever, the day after my discovery of this new fashion blip on my radar of pointless events, through the post came a techno onesie for test, an all-in-one ankle to wrist to chin baselayer for the outdoors. Gallus, I look like a frogman Action Man that’s been left on the radiator. More later.

5 thoughts on “Onesie”

  1. That’s your kind of colour scheme up there, ptc* :)

    And it’s always good to find a well-thought-out drop seat – means you can describe it as “technical”!!

  2. I remmber that sketh so well :o)

    Saw more onesies today at the first outdoor trade show of the year. It’s the next big thing you know.

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